Novak Djokovic



WTF is this all about then?!


Guess he just wants a hug


Never heard blood doping called that before


His career prize money is $105m.

A hundred MILLION dollars for hitting a little green ball over a net.



but he’d trade all of it for just one hug. [possibly]


yellow. sorry to be that guy


This guy’s made $1.5m doing the same thing mind, and even I couldn’t pick him out of a lineup.


Refuse to believe he’s anything more than an automated broom


he’s always been into that mindfulness stuff but seems to have been having a semi breakdown since the career slam
so weird :smiley: also no idea what hantuchova’s doing there


So uncomfortable teetering on the edge between wanting to laugh my arse off and worrying that he’s proper losing his shit. For now it’s the laughing.