As a kid I read some Buffy novels, ones which didn’t have a TV equivalent, like this one, about an evil funfair:


I also got the novelisation of GoldenEye out of the library, I remember the sex scenes being very racy which no doubt endeared me to it.

What novelisations have you read?

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We’ve established that reading any sort of book is bad, sorry.




if that one didn’t have a tv equivalent it’s not a novelisation though


None, although I’d quite like to read the Netrunner books that are set in the Android universe because it’s a genuinely interesting cyberpunk setting.

They’re all supposed to be pish, though, except the Leigh Alexander one, which is impossible to find.


I bought the phantom menace one before the film came out, but then didnt read it because it would have been spoiled, got done

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I’m all argued out for today.


had these as a young un


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There’s a Giant Days novel and it’s one of my favourite comic series. I’ve had it on my kindle for ages and still not read it.

It’s not by the same writer so I’m not bothered.



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had a few of the doctor who books circa the first couple of seasons


I remember reading a novelisation of Doom as a kid and quite enjoying it. Don’t remember a thing about it though. Great contribution, you’re welcome.

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i collected the comics of phantom menace when that came out, well the first half was a comic serialisation of the film and the second half of the mag was star wars mythology and adverts for the star wars lego toys which we couldn’t afford, so i would build my own star wars toys with the lego i already had

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notable novelisations I had

X-files: Goblins
Quantum Leap: The novel (look at all these
Northern Exposure: Cookbook


i’m sure i had this but i can’t remember anything about it


me neither

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can’t believe i’ve been tricked into reading another Buffy thread


i used to read the book of the script of Fight Club instead of the book Fight Club. I think it came free with a total film.

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also a big fan of ‘companion’ type books when I was a kid, keep meaning to get the fringe one


Are there novel versions of non sci-fi / fantasy properties?

Any Emmerdale novels out there, for example?