November 2018 Film Discussion thread


Have A Nice Day - bit rubbish
Bad Moms - genuinely loved this


Bought the Criterion Blu-Ray of Rushmore. I had a big crush on Margaret Yang back when i first saw this, was a shame to learn the actress only starred in two more films.


Rewatched The Exorcist. The foul language and possession stuff is shocking even now, but it’s a very uneven film. Ellen Burstyn is legitimately awful in this.


Have been rubbish with films this year, have only seen 21 2018 releases. I’ve been good at picking what I’ve seen, my top 20 is here ( and I only disliked the bottom 5.

What should be top of my list to catch up on the year in cinema?


It probably didn’t help that she badly injured her back while filming because William Friedkin didn’t warn her when she was going to be pulled backwards in one scene. I wouldn’t feel much like acting after that.


Call Me By Your Name came out here last year!

Watch The Breadwinner and American Animals


i’ve seen 31 from this year apparently, but looking back it’s just a load of shite.

can’t pick out any that i loved. hereditary and american animals were good… but not great

letterboxd is telling me phantom thread was 2017 not 2018. but if that was 2018 then it’s the only film i’ve seen this year i thought was really good.


Phantom Thread is 2018 in the UK (came out in February)


And Call Me By Your Name was late 2017 but limited release and I had no chance to see it, and these films have to be documented somewhere, damn it.

I’ll stick these films on my list, thanks!


Watched Slaughterhouse Rulez. Expected to hate it. Actually enjoyed it quite a bit


It’s been a pretty strong year so far, I’d definitely add Loveless, 120 BPM, Western, Zama, MI Fallout and The Tale.

I’d also recommend: Summer 1993, You Were Never Really Here, Cold War, The Rider, Faces Places, Lek and the Dogs, Private Life, First Reformed and Shirkers.


Thanks, I’ll look into them


FYI - Shirkers and Private Life are both on Netflix. The Tale was shown on Sky Atlantic here as it’s an HBO film.


Decent leads and directors but will still probably be rubbish



Just watched Peterloo- genuinely epic.


Jeunne Femme was great too


The extras on the Criterions for the Wes movies are great; I love stuff like ‘The Max Fischer Players’ from the MTV Awards.


Yeah hadn’t seen those before!


Just got in from watching First Man.

Holy crap I was not expecting that - what an incredible film and maybe the best space film ever?! Absolutely fantastic.