November 2018 Film Discussion thread


Just watched Dogtooth because I clearly hate myself.


I’m a fidgetter. I’d like to see Suspiria in the cinema but it a film that’s over two and a half hours long. I’ll wait for the DVD.


Imagine actually watching films


Watched ‘The Night is Short, Walk on Girl’ this evening.

Amazing film.


One of my fave films this decade! The teeth bit :grimacing::nauseated_face:


I am also a fidgeter but that’s why I’d prefer to see it in a cinema - put it on at home and I won’t give it half the attention I would otherwise.


Yeah as much as I’m not a fan of really long films, if it’s something that grabs my attention (BR2049 etc) or is foreign language then I’ll make a special effort to see it in the cinema. Otherwise, despite being interested, I’ll likely be on my phone multiple times throughout it and hate myself a little bit for that


I didnt like Dogtooth, I think I should rewatch it


Really want to watch Possum, but struggling like mad to find anywhere showing it. It’s on at the Rio but not for a couple of weeks, and I think the Hackney Picturehouse.

Probably the strangest: amount of film posters on tube vs amount of places actually showing if ratio I’ve ever experienced… :confused:


Still surprised how much I enjoyed thisk


Haven’t been as excited for a film like I am Suspiria all year (admittedly I’ve been really bad at seeing films since I’ve come back to the UK, think Tully and Han Solo are the only two :sweat_smile:)


Yeah, this. Going to go to the Rio but surprised it’s such a low key release given some of the people involved.


Yeah, really confusing… it looks like a pretty costly production from the trailer as well. Why have such an advertising drive when there’s barely anywhere to watch it.

It was on in Crouch end for 2 nights I think, last week.


Just caught An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn, almost had me crying with laughter at points.

Might change my name to Shane Danger


tempted to go back and see this again. feel like i watched a different film to everyone else.


Paul King’s visual style is such a huge part of what makes the first two great. Hope he changes his mind. If the quality is maintained it’ll probably be the greatest film trilogy of all time.


Mirai - not Hosoda’s best film (that’ll be The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) but really sweet and enjoyable. Features the best game of Red Light Green Light you’re likely to see in a film.


thought it was a bit of a slog. some of the dialogue was pretty shocking.


I think it’s one of those films destined to split opinion.


I would like to check-in as “Going to see Suspiria tonight”. I am excited.