November 2018 Film Discussion thread


Widows is very enjoyable if a bit silly but ultimately lifted by brilliant turns by Davis and Kaluuya especially.


Three Identical Strangers is playing near me at the end of the month. Most excitingly for me though, I’m going to see Possum (with a post-screening Q&A from Matt Holness) in a week on Thursday!


Oooh, and I massively want to see Suspiria, ofc


Now with Patton Oswalt voice rather than Louis CK voice


have heard he’s really good in this, and pretty against type


Yep, his character is fucking terrifying.


Not sure he has a ‘type’ yet, he was a good guy in Get Out and Sicario, a bad guy in Widows and a sort of bad guy in Black Panther


I still always associate him with Psychoville




Eighth Grade has been given a UK release date of… the end of April 2019. It’s already on torrent sites as it came out in the US in August. So ridiculous.


I’m just glad it has a UK date! I guess they wanted to steer clear of burying it in awards season


Saw Peterloo earlier. I felt fairly engaged during the first half, but it really didn’t justify its running time. The goodie/baddie divide was so black and white that the two hours of speeches and other monologues became pretty tiresome. Not being familiar with the history, it would’ve been nice to have a bit more of an epilogue too.



Shiiit man

Have been looking forward to this as well



Never seen Threads, but I probably should take the opportunity.

One thing I know about it is that it led to the funniest page on IMDB -


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Christmas Day is definitely a good time for a first watch.


duh-doy James lightly palms forehead


Straight after Christmas dinner, sit everyone down with the paper party hats and bowls of pudding to watch some nuclear holocaust