November 2018 Film Discussion thread


Planning on doing In the Aisles and Night of the Dead (Nightmare Cinema, Knuckleball and One Cut of the Dead) for Leeds Film Fest today.

Would it be poor form to sneak a Dragon Soop into the cinema for a triple bill that starts at 11pm and finishes at 6am?


Films I have seen this month:

Juliet, Naked - imagine being so obsessed with such an average songwriter. This film was so nothingy. Completely inoffensive and bland, no jokes…fine? Chris O’Dowd isn’t very good at his job is he?

The Hate U Give - loved this. Really powerful, but the start and end is very very teen movie, which I guess is the point.

Private Life - I adore Kathryn Hahn. Properly adore her. The end is so frustrating! The funny bits are funny, the serious bits are moving. A good film.

Eighth Grade - FOTY contender, I’d say.


I watched it for the first time in hospital (I was in for a clinical trial, so wasn’t actually ill. I’m not that self-loathing) - not a wise move.


i’d agree with this re: widows

it’s fine. Davis and Kaluuya both give great performances, but for ultimately shite characters that don’t do very much. Torn between thinking it was a painfully average film elevated by a great cast, or a great cast completely wasted on a shite film.

felt a bit weird seeing viola davis Acting with a capital A in some scenes. like, this is a nothing-y film about robbing a bank or whatever, maybe take it down a notch.


I tend to avoid alcohol on all nighters and stick to coffee/red bull, but if you’re gonna do it then dragon soop is probably the way to go.

Let us know what you think of One Cut. The Prince Charles has it in January so I’m intrigued.



Up there with my favourite heist movies I reckon.
Stylishly filmed but unflashy (apart from maybe one shot but it was cool and effective so that’s fine). Chicago looked amazing.
Davis, Kaluuya, Debicki and Farrell were all excellent I thought. Great cast throughout really.
Enjoyable enough story with some nice touches.
I’ve not seen the original 1983 version but I do hope the hairdresser got an award
Image result for widows 1983


I’ve seen this (barefoot gen and grave of thr fireflies and some others too) when i had a phase of wanting to watch depressing nuclear attack films. Horrifying


Between Venom/Bohemian Rhapsody/The Grinch/Fantastic Beasts 2 and upcoming awards season, we’ll be getting yet another barrage of stupid ‘OMG why are critics/the Oscars not in touch with popular tastes?!’ articles over the next few months


don’t think anyone is going to say Venom, The Grinch or Fantastic Beasts should be Oscar contenders


No, I just meant with awards season in general (I was clumsily making two separate points), there’s the same guff every year about how much money the best picture nominees have made


In the Aisles was very good. A nice slice of life story that got quite sad towards the end. It also used my favourite safety video ever in it (watch from about 3.30 onwards).


Creasing at the scene in Bohemian Rhapsody where Freddie comes up with the band name, draws the logo and writes the piano melody to Bohemian Rhapsody all in the space of one minute. Whole film feels like a montage. The Live Aid bit IS fantastic though.


Enjoyed Widows- a little bit OTT in places, but was kind of expecting that with the source material. Some real directorial class on show though.


So for night of the dead, we saw:

Nightmare Cinema: Like all anthologies, it had its good bits and bad bits. The last section in particular was sooo cringey. 5.5/10

Knuckleball: Like with Your Next, it was refreshing to watch a home invasion where the person in the house isn’t a total idiot, especially if they’re 12 years old. The dad actor’s face only had one expression, which was grating. 7.5/10

You Might Be the Killer: was entertaining and had Alyson Hannigan in it but I’m a bit bored of this style of “meta”-horror. 6.5/10

One Cut of the Dead: amazing amount of fun. Sets up jokes and knocks them down perfectly. 8/10

Overall, the whole experience was a lot of fun despite people laughing at bits in films that weren’t actually funny.


Burning: Really good, even though it was a slow burner (lol).


In The City Of Sylviyawwwwwn


enjoyed outlaw king on netflix.

probably the biggest laugh from a flim i’ve had all year when yr man screams BY THESE SWANS!!


Widows - the first 3/4 of the film is pretty great (there’s a very good bit where you see the transition from poor Chicago to wealthy Chicago) so it’s a shame that everything in the final stretch feels so perfunctory (the heist, Jatemme’s death, the final face-off between Veronica and Henry, the election result). Acting is very good all round obviously, especially Daniel Kaluuya who is terrifying. And I imagine Elizabeth Debicki was ecstatic to get a role where she’s not the villain

Wildlife - decent debut from Paul Dano, Carey Mulligan is terrific as usual, but not sure it ever rises above pretty good.


Saw Fahrenheit 11/9. Very interesting. The first third follows the Moore template, then things get interesting. And very depressing. There are almost no laughs. Anyone heading in for confirmation bias is going to see some depressing stuff on the president people liked.


Today in Leeds Film Fest:

The Reports on Sarah and Salim. It had an important message but fell apart due the titular characters (especially Sarah) being so unlikable. We never truly understood why they were willing to risk their safety in order to be together.

The Silence of Others. An incredibly well made film about victims of Franco’s regime and their fight for justice. So many heart-wrenching scenes and an important message about the need to remember atrocities.