November 2018 Politics Thread

Can’t see a November thread yet.

Here’s October’s.

Let’s start with some very sad news.

Peep - off you go!

Thoughts and prayers.




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I don’t listen to the spectator podcast, I just subscribe in order to get annoyed at the titles
Has Hammond splurged too much on the budget?
Just how confused is Labours response to the budget?
Should David Cameron make a return to politics?

Just heard a Tory claim that Teresa May Big Phil Hammond are putting the country’s interests before party interest by “ending austerity”. Kind of ok so far, but Wait what’s that? Not because its the right thing to do (if it wasn’t a total illusion), but because it’s necessary to take some of the appeal away from Corbyn to avoid him winning the next election and fucking the country up. Truly astounding stuff.

It’s worth reading this whole thread…


Saw this today


With exceptions - Philip Collins and James O’Brien most notably - these supposedly contradictory examples come from different writers and publications. I don’t know how helpful it is to treat “Corbyn critics” as a monlith. It’s not hypocrisy if it’s two different people, is it?

Out of interest what is your view on the tax row? The division isn’t entirely down Corbyn-Partisan lines, is it?

Pretty much is, apart from a few MPs who, it seems, haven’t read the manifesto or party policy.

The Labour manifesto, on which Labour MPs were elected, set out proposed tax rises for those earning over £80K. Loads of journalists and the usual anti-Corbyn MPs jumped up and down to claim that £80K wasn’t a high wage, that it would hurt ‘aspiration’, and that the leadership should think of the optics.

Following the budget, those same MPs are now claiming the complete opposite, plus the likes of David Lammy, who seemed totally unaware of what McDonnell had actually been saying in interviews and was depending on other MPs/journalists tweets for his information.



I thought this was interesting

30k as the difference between “achievable” and “super-rich” seems… unlikely

Tbf I think that’s about right.

£50k is a lot more achievable than £80k until you hit £50k then £80k is achievable

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I absolutely understand the logic that sees 50k as achievable and 80k as beyond reach, but it’s hardly “super-rich” is it?

£80k would put you in something like the 96th percentile of earners in the country, so yes.


Even £50k puts you in the top 8% or so.


Good question. No idea, couldn’t see anything in the tweet comments either.

That 4% has one hell of a range then

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Yes I have been hearing rumours that quite a lot of wealth is concentrated at the top. Huge if true.


Yes yes. You know what I mean, though.