November 2018 Politics Thread

Oh wow. The replies to this…

Is the term ‘Peoples Vote’ being used as a euphemism for ‘referendum’ in the hope that people think they’re different things?

Yes. I also like how they’ve picked a name for it which implies the people weren’t involved in the previous referendum. I’d find that a bit patronising if I’d voted leave.

what’s the overall thing to learn here? That everyone is a hypocrite?

Aren’t you banned? Also you worked for and campaign for a Tory government so you’re murder adjacent. Thanks for all the misery. Nice one. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


Progress is a dangerous word

Yep - bang on. Although the focus of that tweet is calling out the sorts of people who would claim to be above all of that sort of behaviour. Partisanship is a hell of a drug.

I’m not sure that it’s saying that everyone is a hypocrite.

It’s more that there are certain people who made a very big thing about how rational and moderate and sensible they were, but the past few years have seen them collectively lose their minds.

I think that’s less about pointing out hypocrisy, and more a warning to others to not indulge their unfounded, elitist patronising.

this was my fave reply

It’s surprising but true: no one had thought to save the country until 2007/8. I remember it well.


Despite everything, CG is making a big deal out of outlier polls which don’t really tell us much outside of the margin of error (and after years of Politics On The Internet).


I think I’ve talked about the stubbornness of Tory voting intention holding up at c.40% in polls more than anyone on here.

It’s ALMOST like everything about politics right now is unprecedented.

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I’m the first to roll my eyes when people complain about something they dislike being published in the Guardian, but even I reckon they might have gone a step too far in giving a voice to the most comprehensively discredited journalist in the country.

There are reasons why Johnson and Gilligan, after years of inaction, managed to get a couple of segregated lanes built.

You’re correct that being on the right, politically, helped them, in that pretty much all opposition to active travel and the interventions needed to progress them does come from conservatives (Vincent Stops excepted). Gilligan gets half the issue, and has a prominent platform in the media, but he’s not nearly as well informed as the likes of WIll Norman or Christian Wolmar.

The locations for the completed segregated lanes were easy wins, and there was nothing left in the pipeline at the end of Johnson’s mayorality, partly as a result of bad planning, but also because Gilligan had poisoned the well on the issue. Pushing the Quietways as an alternative didn’t help either - painting a symbol on a busy road was a silly attempt at triangulation that has now become the best option that TfL can get through as councils and the car/cab lobby now see it as doing enough. Sadiq Khan was effectively starting from scratch again when he took over.

Progress isn’t nearly as good as it should have been, but then again, if it was to be as good as it should have been, there’d be segregated lanes and modal filters across the entire city by now.

FYI he’s been banned.

But only for a thousand years? Pah you mods are pushovers!

It’s true, I’ve become more lenient as I get older. Next time it’ll be a paltry 500 years.

55000 years would have been a nice touch.