November 2018 Politics Thread

I’m honestly not sure that I do.

2015/16 figures for gross incomes:

95th percentile: £75,000
96th percentile: £84,100
97th percentile: £97,100
98th percentile: £117,000
99th percentile: £170,000

You can ignore my prior post… I was thinking of income net of tax, not pre tax.


That any category which groups together,say, an accountancy manager, and a CEO on a 7-figure salary is of limited use. But as @anon26275971 pointed out, the phrase “super-rich” seems to have been plucked out of nowhere so it’s a moot point really

I think it’s a useful reminder of the vast, frankly disgusting, levels of income inequality that exists in this country, and it’s a helpful reminder for contextualising those taxation discussions that a figure like £80k might as well be a seven figure sum for the vast majority of the country.

It’s not a normal amount of money to be receiving. It can be easy to forget that if your social circle is mostly accountancy managers, architects and patent twats.


Like, really shiny twats?

That’s the moisturiser I use for my eczema and I’m very sensitive about it.


If your social circle was mostly architects, you’d still think that it’s not a normal amount of money to be receiving.

cbwaft, marckee. cwbavfti.

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really want to know what percentile i’m in now

figures are here


96th percentile…so that’s (at least) 4% of the population over 80k? Works out, roughly, at 2.5 million people

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About 1.3m.

That table only covers individuals who have some liability to income tax. I’m unable to find the exact number but it seems to be in the region of 31 million people, so 4% is about 1.2 million.


don’t these surveys exclude like, the unemployed, babies, etc.

used to be an editor for an economics/politics publication and that was certainly the case when researching statistics.

This table does, i.e. 4% of earners equates to roughly 2% of the UK population.

Ah right, I didn’t realise that.

Still, 1.2 million is a lot of people

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Freeloading scum. Kick them out. Bexit means bexit


In the old days we’d send them down the mines, but Thatcher closed the mines, so now we have to use them as digital content creators. Pull your weight, babies!

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