November 2018 Politics Thread


Ah right, I didn’t realise that.

Still, 1.2 million is a lot of people


Freeloading scum. Kick them out. Bexit means bexit


In the old days we’d send them down the mines, but Thatcher closed the mines, so now we have to use them as digital content creators. Pull your weight, babies!



i fully believe he put his dick in a dead pig’s mouth as part of some frat initiation thing. textbook eton toff weirdness.


Novara’s episode about Saudi Arabia is really excellent. It’s an interview with David Wearing and is a crash course in Britain’s relationship with the Saudis as well as an overview of the situation in Yemen. Your man is really knowledgable but not condescending, could listen to him talk about this for hours.


A very odd man



So the Taxpayers Alliance has admitted to unfair dismissal, smearing etc etc in order to avoid a court trial where they probably would’ve had to disclose where their funding comes from.


It still boggles the mind that these people think they are the ‘sensibles’



I was just about to post this. They’ve totally lost their minds, haven’t they?


Sensible Centrist Tweets are my jam. Setting the world to rights


unironically glad i’ve started smoking again tbh


Alright Lloyd Bridges




i will probably start sniffin’ glue by brexit day


Just that, eh. Well, nothing that a little elbow grease and sensible decency can’t achieve!


Pretty good Brexit analogy really…



Kind of baffled as to why this is even a matter under consideration right now.