November 2020 Film Thread

I thought tonight’s film (Lover’s Rock) was on a completely different level to last week’s. The two extended scenes based around Silly Games and Kunta Kinte were up there with the most compelling things I’ve seen on TV.



The Bishop’s Wife. A poundland It’s A Wonderful Life

Proof. Good early Russell Crowe film where he plays a friend to a blind Hugo Weaving. Sounds a flimsy premise but its quite deceptively deep and gets the tone just right. Enjoyed this a lot

The Ghost And The House of Truth. On BFI player this and only 67 minutes, well worth your time. Bola works as someone who facilitates meetings between criminals and their victim’s families whose own daughter goes missing. Packs a lot into the short running time and has a proper sucker punch of an ending

Had a bit of a theme weekend movie wise - people trying to get things and or people through or over incredibly difficult South American jungle

Watched Fitzcarraldo (had never seen, amazing) plus rewatched Aguirre the Wrath of God and Sorcerer

They are all top top films. After I borrowed the Sorcerer Blu Ray last year I knew I had to get my own copy, it just an incredible looking film, those explosions :heart_eyes: that bridge scene

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I watched Crossroads last night. 10/10

ooh maybe Sorcerer would be good to add to our action themed month, since I haven’t seen it before

It’s a cracking film, ace Tangerine Dream soundtrack.

we watched this on the weekend, thanks for the rec!

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Yesterday saw:

Coming Home - Bruce Dern goes to fight in Vietnam. A relationship then blossoms between his wife Jane Fonda and ex-vet Jon Voight who’s in a wheelchair. Brilliant performances by all. Fonda and Voight deserve their Oscars. Voight is great an actor as he is an arsehole of a person. I’ll give the film 8.5/10.

Vivacious Lady - Lesser heard of film (for me at least) with Jimmy Stewart and Ginger Rogers. Stewart who’s a professor marries Rogers who’s a club dancer. A sweet comedy executed very well with some great lines. Very funny. 8/10.

Outback - An American couple get lost in the aussie outback. No maniac chasing them like in Wolf Creek but they go hungry and thirsty and things bite them. Based on a true story but boring. 5/10.

#Alive - A pretty good Korean zombie film. 7.5/10

Atomic Blonde had an amazing central sequence and some cool visuals, but the storytelling was really muddled, and I just didn’t care about any of the twists/people by the end

Really in need a rewatch for me I think. First viewing was on my tablet in Dubai airport, which as you can guess wasn’t the best viewing experience.

Saw some fluff recently of a potential crossover with John Wick. 99% never gonna happen.

do I have to say it

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… yes?

Can’t believe its still the same calendar year that Doolittle was released


Pauline a la plage is a good film imo


Just watched Lover’s Rock

It was very good, completely different to Mangrove. Mangrove was driven by the story, this feels more like a kind of mood/tone piece.

Some beautiful cinematography- really immerses you in the surroundings. The songs are punchy and soulful. Quite sexy at times, isn’t it?

And even though it’s a completely different era and social setting, it’s one of the few things I’ve seen which captures London in a somewhat authentic manner


Completely agree with this, made a lot more sense as a Steve McQueen project for TV - bold and distinctive, and something that wouldn’t be made without the clout of someone like McQueen. Definitely made me more interested in the rest of the films.

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Yesterday I watched:

Cure - Japanese horror/thriller. Very good and reminded me of the director’s other film Creepy. 8/10.

Werewolf - Polish horror. Children liberated from concentration camp have to deal with a bunch of wild dogs. No werewolves as such but a very good film. Lord Of The Flies in some parts and occasion makes for some difficult viewing. Good film. 7.5/10.

Office Christmas Party - Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston film. Not as good as I hoped but they threw in endless gags and so a number of them did pay off and were funny enough to laugh out loud. 6.5/10.

No wonder the current December/January schedules look pretty bare bones at the moment :frowning: