November 2021 General UK Politics

As requested by sir @TheWza, a new monthly thread because somehow we are a third of the way through the month and nobody noticed.

Really does feel like second jobs may rumble on for a bit

Very big fan of this suggestion that it is good Rush goes over there and helps the BVI Government out of whatever trouble it’s in because that will help the British government work out what they’ve done wrong because professional ethics don’t exist???

He said: “It’s quite important that parliament, which is responsible residually for some areas of our relationship with the overseas territories, has got some knowledge of what’s going on in those territories … Actually being in touch and working with our overseas territory is quite important piece of the responsibilities in the UK and indeed our parliament.

Good stuff as always.

Feels like this has been kinda low level rumbling on forever tho and nothing has changed.


The Guardian is going big on second jobs, but I think it’s more interesting that the Mail is going after Johnson for being a coward and running away from scrutiny. We all know that Johnson is a coward and a liar and a cheat and all the rest, but the right wing press has let him get away with it so far. If they start attacking him over it consistently, as they have been doing for the past couple of weeks, he’s got a problem, because it’s who he is and he’s hardly going to be able to change now.


They were always going to turn on him eventually when he’d outlived his usefulness. Here’s hoping that’s now.


What if Gove ends up PM though

Doesn’t bear thinking about

Well there’s always someone worse.

Feel like it’s the Mail flexing their muscles and trying to remind him who’s boss. They absolutely hated the budget, it didn’t feel remotely Conservative to them, this has been the perfect opportunity to exert some pressure on him. Not sure they’ve given up on him yet, but like you say, they will at some point.

There was something in Popbitch last Thursday that suggested that they have been wanting to go after Boris for a bit it’s only now Dacre has gone they can finally do it.

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Lots of backbenchers pissed off with him as well. Fingers crossed this is the beginning of the end for him.

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Wouldn’t happen, I don’t think. They’d plump for Rishi. He’s probably the plan for the next election anyway.

Dacre’s not been editor since 2018 though, hasn’t he?

He’s only just had his chauffeur taken off him. And he probably doesn’t get to use the sex dungeon now either.

He was still on the board of DMG I think until last week.

Sad to hear. Thoughts and prayers

Meta question: Could we just have a November/December thread, btw? Feels a bit much to be changing every month, when there have only been 300 posts in the last one…

Or like, just a 2022 politics thread for next year or sutin. Does feel like there’s less politics than there used to be, in fairness.

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We used to have less frequent (quarterly maybe) threads but they were seen as unapproachable to new people / more casual readers.

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Just for a comparison to Swedish Tories

This MP thinks that doctors should be paid according to results - the more people cured, the better the pay


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Also, seems doing a refresh for the rolling threads in the form of a new thread usually gives them a bit of a kickstart and gets people posting in them again. Quite often a thread is petering out and then gets a load of new posts in it once a new rolling thread is started.


Yep. As long as the new thread OP is properly titled and is posted at the end of the old thread, it’s no bother at all. The DiScourse site links it all together really well. And a fresh thread is definitely more inviting than a megathread.

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a £195m cash injection from private firms and a £210m grant from the government

Putting aside any environmental/ethical/safety matters for a moment.

a) More than half the money. Coming from a government grant, i.e. public money. But no whiff of public ownership.
b) Private money for a private project is a “cash injection”.