November 2022 Film News/Trailer chat thread

Klaus and (to a lesser extent) Arthur Christmas are very recent high bars in regards to Xmas animation, but hopefully good - studio doesn’t really have much pedigree.

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Bautista in a Gears Of War film could be incredibly good fun, look forward to this (probably won’t come out for like 3 years)



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I like how the first sentence of the article says it’s not a remake

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A good film if you want to be incredibly sad and frustrated with the world.

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Hoo wonder if he will do a car chase? Spielberg could direct the Hell out of one. ( And they need to keep the soundtrack)

I like Damien Chazelle’s films to date a lot but the moment I saw the Paramount logo stars being snorted like a line of cocaine at the start of the Babylon trailer I thought ‘oh no…’


And Yes. (Could be a great chance to see some lesser screened stuff)

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