November 2023 Film News/Trailer chat thread

1st November
Wingwomen (Netflix)

3rd November
How to Have Sex
The Royal Hotel
On the Adamant
Nyad (Netflix)

10th November
The Marvels
Anatomy of a Fall
Dream Scenario
The Killer (Netflix)

17th November
The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
May December
Rustin (Netflix)

21st November
Leo (Netflix)

22nd November

24th November
The Eternal Daughter

30th November
Family Switch (Netflix)

Reckon Napoleon might be alright

I think I’ve been conflating The Killer and Hit Man as the same film in my brain.

Also put that Hunger Games in the doesn’t exist thread.

New Olivia Rodrigo song in it, that confers ‘exists’ status on it!

What the what? Big fan of that show back in the day.^tfw

If they remember the funny and don’t do the really weird ending like they did the last one should be at least fun

Really weird that at no point does it mention this is a musical

Can’t wait for this to be the film everyone roasts for about a month and then completely disappear from the collective consciousness, like the film adaptation of Dear Evan Hansen.


I saw the poster and assumed it was a rerelease, but my partner spotted there was a musical note in the middle of the logo. But we were assuming it was just a recording of the stage show, not a new film.

Wonder if Lindsay Lohan has been rehabilitated enough to have a really cringe cameo?

she’s done a Walmart Black Friday ad with Lacey Chabert/Amanda Seyfried (Rachel McAdams unsurprisingly said ‘no way’) so probably

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hell yeah


Hopefully this is a Social Network vibe where he’s portrayed as an arsehole

Even if it’s not complimentary, Musk will think it is.

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