November 2023 Film News/Trailer chat thread

Good lord :ocean:

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Looks fun this. Great bored-over-Christmas fodder.

Hope The Abyss one-day thing is happening here as well as in the U.S.

The great clay panic of the weekend is over

Bad idea. Very bad idea.


Alien 1.5

Set on the Hadley’s Hope colony I guess.

Couldn’t see if it’s been covered but there was a trailer for this at the cinema today and I’m very hyped for a Statham masterclass

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Surprised this hasn’t already been posted

Lots more obvious CGI and green screen - doesn’t seem nearly as physical, gritty, or weighty as Fury Road. I think it looks a lot worse. Tough to get a sense of it from these clips but I’m not sure about Anna Taylor Joy either.

Really want this to be cool but I don’t feel good about it.