November Football: A Gazprom-Fuelled Light in the Lockdown Dark

Talk about all the continuing to happen football here.

Get the feeling that Fulham and West Brom have played each other about four times already this season. All on PPV.


International Break in a couple of weeks.


(I bet you can’t wait)


Big fixture in 7 minutes!

continuing football this month out of idk mostly avoiding the inconvenience of stopping it

  • kind of obscene

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shouldnt exclusively be asking football fans this I’ve just realised but what the hey


Anyone got the quickly Kevin patreon?
Considering it as they’ve asked Big Nev about the Michael Owen ‘well done he’s 13’ stuff but it’s only for subscribers

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Probably shouldn’t be on. Pretty delighted it is.

International break can completely fuck off on both counts, mind


Of course, no surprise that football fans want football (taking solace wherever you find it is key atm) - agree with Aggers that it really isn’t essential though.

All of this. I’m so happy it’s still on. Much needed distraction

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Ajax have got covid

all of them

17 players still available

Both? The international breaks really need to be canned though

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Can’t work this City side out. Pep looks to be slowly deflating and we seem short of real elite players despite spending a trillion europees. The teams feels imbalanced and there are clearly some gaping holes.

At the same time you could argue that Dias and to a lesser degree Torres look like very good buys, we seem more comfortable switching between formations, Walker’s playing brilliantly, Foden looks to be on the verge of really stepping up at last, and the fluid positional stuff he’s trying with Bernardo, Cancelo and De Bruyne is quite interesting.

Genuinely can’t work out if we’re properly done and this is the stubborn dying embers of a once-great team, or there are the seeds there of a very good, very different new side. I suspect by about 7pm next Sunday we’ll know its very definitely the former rather than the latter.

Think it feels that for the first time for a couple of seasons that we have a back 4 which, if it stays fit and Pep doesn’t start fiddling with, could be solid defensively whilst supporting the attack.

However that also coincides with the bluntest we’ve been in attack for years. Even putting aside our addiction to pissing away chances, this season feels like we’re so goal shy it’s almost perverse. Increasingly thinking that the most useful contribution that Arteta made must have been to periodically remind baldy that you win by scoring goals.

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(don’t think Ajax players are involved in a new political party defending the right to have sexual intercourse)


Just need a reliable finisher now that Agueros not going to score 9,000 a season.

Are we really going to do an international break during a europe-wide C19 2nd wave ?


The fate of humankind depends on the result of the Republic Of Ireland playing… fucking Wales! Again! Fucking call it all off!