November Football: A Gazprom-Fuelled Light in the Lockdown Dark

Reckon now the Firminos scored he’ll go on a scoring run. Always happens.

Nearly wrote that he was definitely going to, but it was so obviously going to happen that I thought I’d leave it for the inevitable comedy value.


I thank you for prompting it

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Now do it with Vardy

Don’t think the crisps flaking out on the dentures reflects badly on city really

Very good team spirit of Liverpool to not let the recent news that Salif Diao is out for the season affect them


When is that vardy film coming out anyway


Reckon all the injuries are only gonna make us stronger in the long-term. It’s great that our numbers 17, 20, 26, 32, and 76 all get valuable game time

Are Leicester only any good when they get loads of penalties or legitimate goals against them disallowed? Absolute waste of time watching that.

Hopefully next season is an actual real one that counts.

What’s with all the red marks on the faces in the Napoli-Milan game?

Violence against women awareness


I take that back. Just realised that Ndidi, Pereira, Soyuncu and Castagne were all out injured. Big injuries.


That blow to Bruno Cheyrou takes the gloss off that Liverpool performance a bit

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We’ve played some brilliant football this season and only one of the penalties we’ve had shouldn’t have been. But we’ve been turgid against Villa, West Ham and Liverpool.

Just the 8 hours without a goal from open play for Arsenal now

really want to watch the Jack Charlton film but too worried it will turn me into a complete mess, despite me not really having any connection to the man.


just in case anyone hasn’t seen this


The Andy Townsend interview about this on Quickly Kevin was good


Yep, same.