November Politics Thread: Countdown To The Lizard Cull

Thought I’d start one of these for a change. Feeling oddly positive about this campaign tbh, seems to be a very strong start what with Corbo’s speech and Horace Bobson getting booed out of a hospital. Have joined the Labour party and will be finding out exactly what I can be doing to help and where over the next few days I hope :fist::fist::fist:


Picking this up from the last thread:

The whole concept of the middle-class is a myth. The people who traditionally make up what is seen as the middle-class are still workers that sell their labour. They’re just slightly better off because the bourgoisie realised they could keep workers divided by raising some up above the rest to create crab-bucket mentality. Most of those who make up what we see as the middle-class still sell their labour and are still dependent on their continued employment to fund their life needs.


Hello, sweet new thread!

Please could everybody take a minute to appreciate that this our last ever monthly politics thread which will see Tory rule for its duration. Breathe it in, comrades, change is in the air.


Fucking marry me Ed



Preferred this

With Ed Miliband


Drain the


Expose Dominic Cummings as the real



Who will be Labour’s Mr November, the playoff superstar who forges their legend on the campaign trail?


As noted in the October thread, another Tory, Antoinette Sandbach, has joined the LibDems.

The LibDems defence of their role in Austerity amounts to them claiming that they were a restraining influence on Cameron’s Conservatives.

That doesn’t really hold up when you’re welcoming Cameronite MPs into your party now.


Hodges is making positive noises

Which probably means it’s all going spectacularly badly, actually

Laura Pidcock

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I agree with this but would qualify that the unequal distribution of social and cultural capital (and not just economic) also reproduces class relations and raises some working class people to being ‘better off’. Even if we are still ‘workers’ (i.e. we need to sell our labour to survive), people who have had an upper working class or middle class habitus/living environment still materially benefit from it. E.g. through education and being around middle class people, I have acquired a set of skills and dispositions that give me a real advantage in many social contexts and mean I experience the oppression of wage labour in quite a different way from someone who is more ‘working class’.

I totally agree that the way classificatory schemes are used/imposed actually works to demobilise the population and occlude our shared interests. I just worry sometimes people like me have that realisation then forget the huge amount of privilege we have, and that this might have quite negative consequences for how knowledge about class oppression is generated and shared goals articulated.


This is the thing I’m looking forward to throwing in Lib Dem doorsteppers’ faces - that it looks less and less like they can in any way claim to be an alternative to Labour rather than the Tories.

I mean obviously that’s always been the case but it’s so much more apparent after all these defections.

Real down to earth, non-Tory name too.

Everyone already knows Pidcock rules. I’d put some money on Richard Burgon, he came to a rally in Bristol last week and he’s a really good public speaker with legit left-wing cred. Could definitely make a surprise impact.

This is making my tactical voting more and more difficult…

Lot of speculation about what Farage’s tactic will be for the Brexit Party, he’s going to unveil the general election strategy at 11am. Quick reminder that as someone who has failed to be elected as an MP seven times, Farage’s general election strategy is almost guaranteed to deliver a result other than the one he wants. He’s not about to suddenly get good at general elections.


I like Burgon, but he does make some very silly mistakes in live interviews and debates.


Called it

Her paternal grandmother was Geraldine Mackeson-Sandbach, a prominent landowner in North Wales, whose estates included Hafodunos near Abergele and Bryngwyn Hall near Llanfyllin.[6] Her mother, Anne Marie Antoinette of the Dutch Van Lanschot family married Ian Mackeson-Sandbach in 1967.