November politics thread

This image is burned on my retinas now.

the FT critiquing low level journalism by (checks notes) doing some low level journalism

…it seems only fair to address it in classic tabloid style. So the FT proudly presents “Seven ways to spice up that Special Relationship”.

  1. Surprise each other with little treats. Leave teasing notes on the president’s pillow with words like “Call me tonight. I won’t be wearing the internal markets bill negating the withdrawal agreement.”

I will not be subscribing to read this, needless to say

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I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily worth reading, but for anything else on their site that you do want to read, just google the name of the article and you can click through to read that way.

It is two weeks old. It is neither funny nor informative.

That’s more recent than some of the screengrabs in the Great Things Posted On Social Media Thread


I’m guessing they’ll be announcing a (hastily cobbled together terrible) deal with the EU this week

Nissan are close to confirming they’re off. 7,000 employees fucked.

Bit weird after announcing this last week

an EU deal will come, but I really don’t think it’ll be before December

they’ll leave it too late and the only options will be BRINO or No Deal

the only question is if the tories will actually be willing to jump off the cliff or not

god knows what happens after No Deal

Three letters long, begins with G and rhymes with “you”


We get to take a journey in time back to the '70s, but worse because it’s also a digital hellscape!

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This seems like a system that can’t be manipulated in someway.

is he suggesting we cure the common cold…?

Soldiering into the office despite having a cold through a masochistic obsession with always working is as British as bad teeth and a totally unjustified superiority complex. You’re not going to get it out of us, Matt.

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Not me my sick pay is actually quite generous but:

Be nice to stay at home whenever I have a cold but, I’ve already been off with colds 3 times this year and the next time I could be sacked and I won’t recieve sick pay and there is nothing I can do to challenge it if I’m sacked because the Tory Government have made it harder for me to go to a tribunal.

Just the fucking state of it

That’s it, isn’t it?

It’s framed in a clever way, but he’s essentially wanting to get rid of self certified sick leave


Yeah, I was put on a performance improvement plan in an old job for being sick twice in 6 months (single day absences). Until there’s proper sick pay and legislation with teeth that forces companies to take health seriously then this is all pie in the sky Dreamland stuff.

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Maybe once we all have government mandated fitbits that track when we develop sniffles, they can tell us whether or not we really are too sick to work!

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Spotted Ben Bradley was trending again, looks like he’s having another good day :face_with_hand_over_mouth: