Now 100

Out in July. Pretty sure Nostradamus said something about this.

Always said I was gonna get this one. What was the last Now album you got? Mine was ‘39’

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Can’t belive its been 100 years since the first one came out!



Last one I got: 42

Best one I owned: 32

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Now 7 was my first. It was a double LP.

Now 8 I got on CD. Perhaps that was the first Now on CD.

Now 10 was my last. It was brilliant. It’s was a double CD. It’s my favourite if the three i own. It came out in 1987. (Yes, I’m old.)

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I reckon 32 is renowned for being the best aye


First one I got was Now 4, on vinyl. Still have it somewhere.

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First one was Now 25, good remix of Living On My Own by Freddie Mercury if I remember right (I definitely don’t).

Best was probably 26, Boom Shake The Room and Creep on the same cassette?! What a time to be alive.


I only ever had the 1st on on double cassette for Xmas in '83 along with a Sony Walkman.

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ah, chunky double cassette nostalgia, the best kind :slight_smile:

  1. Strange mix of boy/girl bands and britpop stuff IIRC.

reckon thats gotta have some cheryl crow on it.

Just looked up the track list for Now 25, I remember getting it to listen to in the car journey to Norfolk for a family holiday. I think I chose it because I liked Queen and there was the live version of Somebody To Love with George Michael and the Freddie Mercury song. Why didn’t my parents just buy me a Queen tape? I really distinctly recall how depressing I found that Four Non Blondes song (although would definitely smash at karaoke now) and how little I liked all the rest of the music on there which also makes me wonder why I gave the series another chance and asked for 26 for Christmas that year? Although that decision clearly paid off because it’s essentially wall to wall bangers. Nine is a funny age isn’t it.

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|17.|“Distant Sun”|Crowded House|3:49|
|19.|“I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)”|Meat Loaf|5:17|


Absolutely adore Distant Sun. TBF the whole back half of Together Alone is wonderful.


I never owned now 35 and always wanted a copy of it.

Just looked at the track listing for 27 which I think was the last one I had. How did this sweet run pass me by?! I’ve made car playlists which look like this.

(Don’t @ me Smashing Pumpkins nerds)


They had a lot of time for Meatloaf.

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After the Now series I think I moved on to the Best Album In The World…Ever! Compilations which have held up and could easily be a standard indie club night playlist now.