Now Apocalypse / Gregg Araki

Anyone been watching this? Is there a thread already…just going through it now…used to love that Valley Nihilism stuff like Nowhere in my yoof. It’s got an older James Duval back… other than the rabbit in Donnie Darko and Indie Day I can’t think of him being in anything other than Araki films. Then all the male characters with long hair look like a young James Duval.

Anyway, I don’t actually know who he is and The Doom Generation and Nowhere don’t exactly hold up but this is relatively enjoyable thus far.

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Gregg Araki is proper terrible

Saw Kaboom at the cinema and it was so shit

is it out? where are you watching? Doom Generation doesn’t hold up???

[edit: I’ll use google!]

Now That’s What I Call Apocalypse



Fancied juno temple so much after i went to see kaboom