Now i’m 40, can I still wear band t-shirts?


Or do I have to knock that shit on the head now?


I am 40 and wore one yesterday.

So: no.


If you’re wearing em past 30 you can wear em past 40


I still wear skate trainers though.


On a brighter note, this is the age when it’s finally acceptable to start wearing wedding present t-shirts.


I’m basically thewarm.


Typo, but a very weather-apposite one.


i’m wearning a DOOM t-shirt and look how much i give a fuck (hint: it’s none)


im not 40 tho im 16


Where whatever the fuck you want




I’m 50 and I’m wearing a Boards of Canada t-shirt today, wear what the fuck you like m9!




my boss is 45 and wears band t shirts everyday


Wait I think I’m about to buy the very same tshirt :o


Yeah, I’m 40 and I mainly wear band t-shirts (when I’m not wearing polo shirts, chinos and flip-flops).



Although increasingly you’ll find that they are for bands that haven’t existed for 20 years.


Post-40 you can only wear prog/guitar wank t-shirts with massive lists of tour-dates on them.

Like this


I swapped all mine for brewery t-shirts.


I don’t wear as many as I did, but that’s mainly because the bands I go and see don’t tend to have merch tables these days.

But wear what you like, for christs sake! At forty you should be able to make decisions for yourself without the need for acceptance from anyone else!