Now: I want to hear from DiS who likes Led Zeppelin, come on!

Are you happy that I made a video about your national heroes?


Top drumming dude, enjoyed the video :+1:


Thanks a lot! Which one is your favorite Led Zeppelin song?

great video, pietro.

my favourite led zeppelin song is ‘the battle of evermore’ but unfortunately it doesn’t contain any drums :rofl:

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Thanks! Actually I didn’t know ‘the battle of evermore’, I’m listening now, it’s beautiful!


Eric only likes it for the lyrics iirc

What’s the one about hobbits? I like that one.

Yes! Battle of evermore mate. Get involved.

could be talking about ramble on!!!1111


hi pietro. can you explain the drum levels/numbers for us noobs? how are they worked out?

Bloody love ramble on too tbf


Led Zep are my favourite of the classic, paedophile bands

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You can see the level table with all the details at the beginning of the video (0:30) or you can even go back to see the first video of the series where I explain the concept:

P.S.: Ramble on was one that is suffered the most to cut out of the top 10!

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this is amazing :smiley:

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Probably Black Dog but difficult to pick one!

I agree, very tough job to pick one, even to pick 10 for this video was very difficult.

The rain song is my favourite by a long way. My acoustic is constantly in that tuning these days.

The Rain Song is truly epic with its emotional crescendo :heart:

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hi pietro! my favourite led zeppelin song is ‘when the levee breaks’!



Hi! Yes “when the levee breaks” is great, I was considering it for my video but then I decided to leave a space for more “drummer exciting” songs :smile: