Now is monday the evening


Think I have delayed onset of hangover sadness (DOHS) so gonna make some simple healthyish food and have a bath or something. Early to bed imo.

How’s yer evening looking? AOB?


Hey ya.

Got roasted veg, halloumi and cous cous for tea. Some beers and shite TV. Very tired, so might early bed.


Twat. Boris hair stage.


Evening all

Not the best day:

  • had to take the eldest for a PCR as she has cold symptoms and people at her school have tested positive for COVID
  • call from our estate agent to say our buyer is considering pulling out
  • got a headache

Of course, the headache will clear, the COVID test could turn out negative and our buyer could stop being impatient. But yeah, not great!

On the plus side, had roast pie for dinner.

Had some roast seitan, parsnips and beetroot for tea.

Watching a bit of Nine Perfect Strangers, its pretty silly ain’t it.


Had two chicken fajitas for dinner. Stomach now having a completely normal one and sounds like it’s eating itself.

In the pizza place ordering a vegetariana after just having seen the youngest play her first public piano recital

It’s-15.C and all the snow is sparkling with a billion tiny ice crystals

Only lacklustre Premier League football can spoil my evening now

hello. I’m on a bus for the first time in what must be two years.

not much has changed in the bus game.


First day of my week-long course finished nearly 2 hours early, which was much needed. Still got the rest of the week to get through.

Boyfriend has gone out for dinner which I’m not thrilled about as he could wait a few weeks until we’ve had our boosters and the restaurants are less busy (I’m assuming January is not a peak month for going out for dinner) and it would be much safer.

There a river of pish?

Actual Day in The Office. Was fine if freezing and felt like a weird headfuck - like the last two years hadn’t happened and I was in some Office Space/Groundhog Day mashup. Bleh

But took myself out for a few silly beers with my new book, now home to make pumpkin ravioli with sage butter, then watch one of a potential variety of films. Maybe House of Gucci! Maybe Zola! Maybe Stage Fright! Who knows

not yet

Evening all!

I had a message from Wor Lass just after football to say she was taking The Child to A&E because she’d fallen (jumping) off the sofa and bust her lip. It was quite bloody at the time but I’ve seen a photo and I think she’ll live.

The lentil loaf I made for tea didn’t really loaf so I had a nice baked potato with some nice lentil pie filling and veg. It was nice but nothing really went together.

Scored five goals at football including a couple of absolutely Gascoigne/ Le Tissier-esque volleys.

Get on with it, japesbyn

Making up some dinner that is veg and stuffing based Very good

Got a spot on my chin…AT MY AGE. Not good

Succession. Very good


Saving succession for tomorrow I think. Will probably hit up some more Friday Night Lights


@keith hope the lip’s ok :hugs:
@colon_closed_bracket sending good luck your way for all three rubbish things to improve
@ericVII I’ve had a word with the DOHS distributors and they’ve agreed to take yours back off you

Watching Floor is Lava again and then once M is asleep I might just lie on my bed staring at the ceiling in a sort of cool angsty way, like I’m in The Craft and powering up for some levitation. Good plan? Yeah, sure, nothing better to do (not true, absolutely loads of work I’m ignoring).


Evening :wave:

Made myself this for dinner (bean stew with spicy cauliflower nuggets) and it is tasty.

Went for my Covid test (1st of 3 needed for my trip to France and back). Early night tonight as I’m up at 5am tomorrow.


I’ve had one on my chin for over a month. One of those huge ones under the skin that hurt. Why isn’t it going?! :tired_face:

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Off to meet @japes and hear about his bus journey