Now is monday the evening

Just posting to say that I’ve not heard from Funkhouser for a few days on here and hope he’s okay :slight_smile:


Cold today. Cold yesterday.

Evening, hope everyone is ok.

Had quite an upsetting job at work last night so feel a bit weird but will definitely be fine. Just a bit rubbish isn’t it when things get to you sometimes. Got home this morning and treated myself to a cast iron skillet, a new brushed cotton bedsheet and some fairy lights. You know, normal stuff.
Anyway, had a few hours sleep, watched Succession and have an M&S saag aloo and naan going in the oven. Going to find something nice to watch now

Take care, all xx

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It’s -15. I’m really tired.

The tv just had to peel me out of a dress I managed to get myself stuck in. You may be surprised to hear It does NOT fit me :laughing:

After turning my bedroom upside down looking for a dress it turns out it was in the first place I looked :expressionless:

Shoulder has decided to completely give up and im currently sitting in a very strange position off the edge of the bed with my feet against the wall. I think it’s helping?!?

Other than that, all good :+1: got a chicken roasting in the oven and I’m going to decide what nail varnish I’m wearing on Friday.


Made orange chicken again and it was a roaring success, I fuckin love this stuff

Watching Succession and then will read my book in the bath and wash my hair. Very close to 3 days off! :partying_face:


Do you carry a bag around and if so do you carry it on the shoulder that hurts? I try to use a cross-body bag or a backpack because totes/shoppers etc. really make my shoulder hurt!


No, not anymore. I use a rucksack on both shoulders. It’s the way I sit at my desk definitely :confused:

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ahhh that’s much harder to fix, isn’t it? I hope it feels better soon :hugs:

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That emoji is definitely giving a shoulder rub


Evenin all

Had a big McDo at lunch so just had a bowl of nice porridge for tea.

Watching football.

Going to bed later.

It’s no



They’re boxing

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Reminds me, I’ve not made lemon tofu for AGES. That’s tomorrow sorted.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

One positive is that, even if the eldest has COVID, she’s asymptomatic. I can tell this - and that she takes her vocabulary from (at a guess) early 20th century children’s literature - because she declared loudly earlier “I’m as frisky as a fiddle!”



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Leathered in the pub with my barber mate and he’s asking how he changed career so I’ve just said learn excel.

Think that’s a the key thing in offices innit

Was going to make roast cherry tomato and basil orzo earlier then realised that I had forgotten to get basil so I went to my bed in a huff but now I’ve ordered a McDonald’s.

Aw thank you :heart: :slight_smile:

Help?? Band that sounded like Jesus lizard big in the name early noughties guy had a red streak in his hair. La based think a member joined guns and roses or nine inch nails ???