Now that Theo's Killed Jook can we finally agree that smart homes are not the future

Computers shouldn’t be able to turn on ovens


Agreed. Having worked for a smart tech company I can confirm they intentionally track you, your whereabouts and habits, fuck knows what they do with the data or who can access it.

Do we need to travel back in time and kill the man who invented the computer?

If we do that then this discussion wouldn’t happen so the guy that invented the computer would end up surviving which means we’d have this conversation to kill him and kill him but as we didnt have this conversation that never happened and… TLDR I cant be doing with the headache or paradox so m answer to the question is 'nah;

Wait what happened to Jook?!

They never travel quite far back enough in time to make the job simple, do they?

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Theo killed him by saying Four was Bloc Party’s best album

What about science ovens?

The only science that belongs in a house is this science

Charles Babbage?

We’ll start with him and see what happens. To the 1800s!

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