Now THAT's What I Call Music!

This series is somehow still catering for the non-discerning music listener, despite file sharing, streaming, Youtube, etc, and we’ve now reached Now 103. This thread is for reminiscing about the editions you owned and loved when you were young. Pick your favourites, gasp at the clunking switching between genres, and so on.

Here’s Now 21, i listened to this a LOT.


Second half of side 1 was my favourite, partiuclarly Mr Big and the drippy Everything But the Girl song. Skipped the Brian May Ford advert song, obvs. Two KLF songs as well, :+1:

I love your smile by Shanice. :heart:


From a similar era, here’s Now Dance 91. Got this dirt cheap from somewhere, probably because it’s absolute bobbins, but I enjoyed it. I was briefly convinced that the three track run of Utah Saints, KLF and rozalla was the pinnacle of music. Right Said Fred’s I’m Too Sexy on Now Dance is a bit of a stretch, lads.


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Deeply Dippy is the best song on that.

I had Now 32

And Now 33 which is great just because it’s got The Connells on



The song that made me make the thread - heard it on the radio and got huge nostalgia vibes.

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Both of these are 7/10 tbh. McAlmont & Butler :heart:

Now 37 is and was my jam.


Side game, how many songs do you instantly recognise from the latest Now! For me it’s 13 out of 43.

I like it when they have an indie corner - Pulp, Blur, Cast, Oasis, Weller… Suggs.


Lush, Terrorvision, Mike And The Mechanics!

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Beautiful transition. Smooth as you like.

I owned and played Now 32 to death as well.

Josh Wink > Wildchild > Goldie > Human League is still an excellent run by any standards tbf.

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I’m old so had the first 2. Or at least my family had the first 2, no idea why. Maybe Christmas gifts for my older sister?

I know everything on the first one but second one quite a few of the songs aren’t familiar so I must have got bored by then.

Never owned one myself but my brother got this one for Christmas 86 on double tape cassette

A good (citation needed) party game is to get an old now cd and without looking at the song titles / artists, play it through and people have to shout out the artist and song ad quickly as possible, then you skip into the next track (unless it’s an absolute banger)


Think I had 6, 7 and 8. Maybe 9 too

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I think this was my jam

Some bizarre stuff on that

Double whammy of
28 - Tetris - dr Spin
29 - Super Mario Land - The Ambassadors Of Funk Featuring MC Mario

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En Vogue into Shola Ama is a biiiiiig one-two.

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Why have so many of these got queen as the first track?

my taste in music was much broader in my NOW! days than when i started reading the NME. it wasn’t until i got proper internet that my tastes widened out again.

anyway i remember one Now! we had that had that bran van track drinkin in LA on it, that was a good installment of the series

my granddad had a Now! that had boy george on it, vinyl it was, he’d bought it purely for the boy george track cos he was a big fan. i love the idea of this dude born in 1912 vibing out to Now! cos he dug karma chameleon.