Now TV - help required

Gents (bit sexist)
I don’t have Sky but I would quite like to watch Fulham v Derby tomorrow night: could I do this?

If so, How does it work? Is there a catch? Assume I would have to watch on my laptop?

I heard you can watch sport on the internet for free now

Despite being a woman, I/we get the pass and then chrome cast it from phone to TV.


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I think this was confirmed at Christmas :wink:

Thanks slicks. Alternatively, assume I could just stick an HDMI cable into my laptop/TV. This is good though

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There is no catch.

The slight catch is that if you sign up to a monthly pass, it will charge every month until you cancel it. A daily pass, I believe, just lasts for 24 hours from when you redeem it, then expires.

If you have a Now TV box, you can watch it on the TV. If you think you’ll ever use it again, it’s worth buying one - they’re small, and are a loss leader as you can usually buy one for about £15 with £15 worth of passes (e.g. three months entertainment). You can buy a box with a daily pass included from places like Argos.

Honestly not sure if you can watch it on your laptop because I’ve always had a box attached to the TV.

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I use these passes through our Now TV box, dead easy to use but if it’s anything other than a day pass it automatically renews for £££ unless you cancel it on the website. You’ll need a Now TV account if you don’t have one.

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Sorry @anon16531887 you just beat me to it!

Ha :slight_smile:

Yeah just adding to that if you do go through with it, give yourself a bit of time to set up the account, activate the pass etc, it takes a minute.

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I’ve got a sports pass if u want it. Have 18 month subscription so not going to use. Let me know and I will pm the code

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got a free day pass with 2 pipes of pringles a couple of months back. i haven’t seen this offer since so don’t go buying pringles on my account

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McDonalds Monopoly were giving them away too but I’m not sure that’s still running either.

wish i’d known this before i traded my stickers for a mini cooper


Despite being a woman I can still 'cast my sport to TV

I hadn’t even thought how the Chromecast makes the Now TV box completely redundant. Nice!

We got one here because despite two aerials at this property, when a TV finally arrived it was a full NO DICE on any signal. What I found coolest was the fact I can use one of the TV’s USB ports to power the Chromecast. Clever. (Obviously I did this because the manual said so, I’d never have thought of it on my own.)

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‘Bought’ a 2 week free film channel pass (in order to watch the Oscars) which you had to then cancel within the 14 days to get free. Did so. Still got charged. They tried to claim i’d ordered a monthly pass. I hadn’t, and were it not for the fact that i had screenshots of the confirmation page/s saying it was all gratis i’d have been stiffed. Took 3 hours talking to endless different berks on the online ‘chat’ bollocks to get a refund.

Save everything you get, screenshot every page that has some kind of confirmation.

Or just avoid them like the plague. Bunch of shysters.

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I sometimes get a month pass. Often when you cancel they offer you 3 months for £20 a month as opposed to £33.99 It’s a good way of seeing all the live games.

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Works through PS4 if you’ve got one of them

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