"Now watch me whip, now watch me neigh neigh"

Harrison Ford entering a supermarket in character as “Northern Indiana Jones” but having to leave his weapon and pet (horse) outside and asking a bystander to keep an eye on them.

Is that how they speak in Northern Indiana?



That’s more Jamaica


Never mind, Alaska myself.

What are we doing here?

Well neither of you seem to be “Liking” my opening post, which is weird…


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If there was a “jfc” button on the OP I’d be hammering it

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Got any other impressions in your locker?

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im sorry to ask, but is this a joke about how in the north they (we) say “me” instead of pathetically and cowardly saying “my” like the fucking queen or something

I can do a great Donald Duck!



Yeah, but also it’s a joke about a fairly current dance craze and cinematic history (and also wordplay about the noise a horse makes)

Go on then

  • something I would say after you had done that impression, if this thread were a real life conversation.
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if you film yourself doing the dance then i’ll forgive you the joke

I can’t do either of those things

not with that attitude