"Now watch me whip, now watch me neigh neigh"

Thank you

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I sometimes refer to you as “The most well-raised boy of the website”


My parents did a nice job imo


I’d love a chance to tell them that some day


This is a very popular thread. A lot more popular than the ones I’ve started this last hour.

That’s great, I’m happy for you @anon5266188.

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It’s got a quarter of a century of replies so far!

What do you think of Smee’s hair?

Thick and luscious

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It’s great hair isn’t it. Just seems so effortless.

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I don’t get any of the four jokes you’re claiming to have made here. Are they good?

Yeah, they’re mostly very good

that’s great.

I was talking about my posts in general btw, the jokes weren’t great in here

Also, I wasn’t joking about being jealous of your hair

why are you answering questions I haven’t asked?

Just pre-empting them

can you answer the question I asked please

There is a dance craze called “watch me whip, watch me nae nae”

You could call a horse a “neigh neigh” if you wanted to

Harrison Ford played Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones had a “whip” as a weapon

Northerners say “me” instead of “my”

When entering a supermarket, you’re not allowed to bring in weapons or pets so you have to ask someone to keep an eye on or “watch” them for you

If Harrison Ford was doing a character that was Indiana Jones but Northern and was in-character whilst going to a supermarket with his pet horse (and whip) he would say “Watch me whip, now watch me neigh neigh” to a person outside the supermarket.

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I still don’t know if this has answered your question tbh

I would argue not.

However you have put me in a position to answer it myself, should anyone ask me, which is I think of much greater value.

So thank you for that but also bear in mind that it’s quite disrespectful to ignore or not put much effort into understanding my actual question.