Now what do you think about this?

When refreshing pre-built reports in Sage SEI I enter the date in dd/mm/yyyy.

However when I’m creating a report from scratch I have to use mm/dd/yyyy.

Now what do you think about that?

Do you ever find yourself getting confused as to which format to use?

i think sage is for libraries in the 90s

All dates in yyyy-mm-dd, obviously


power bi in my new workspace keeps changing the date import format to mm-dd-yyyy

We switched from Oracle to Sage after a company downsizing. Prefer Oracle.

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Power bi is a literal piece of shit in fairness


I think I’m relieved that I don’t have any interactions with finance, other than “approving” supplier invoices, i.e. closing the tasks without reading them

Oracle advice


having a lot of trouble with a spreadsheet I am sharing with an american customer.

No idea if 6/7/2020 means I was supposed to have done it in June or I was supposed to have done it in July. Either way I didn’t do it.


Vaguely remember encountering this beeve when I used to use Sage back in the day


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It provides accounting solutions while also adding flavour to sausages, turkey and other meats

Can’t say that about thyme can you not

I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings
Only ring your celly when I’m feelin’ lonely
When it’s all over please get up and leave

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That’s fucked, m9

One of my reports decided to spell out dates in Spanish for a while.

Of all the boring accounting programs I’ve ever used I would describe Sage as not the worst.

starting a Twitch channel where I livestream Sage

  • Good idea
  • Bad idea

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Wanna learn python but cba teaching myself

it’s just hissing tbh