NowTV question

How quick do things come up on catch-up? Like True Detective for example?

Just got a year’s entertainment package for £45 and choose to ask my question after dropping the cash.

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Same as Sky, so basically straight away

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Depends. Often immediately for the big things, usually within a few hours for everything else.

Thanks both

What do you mean on catch up?



We don’t use the actual Now TV bit with Sky on etc. Soz.

I think you can watch live on here as well so I mean on catch up.

I don’t have Sky.

thinly veiled “just got a year’s now tv entertainment package for £45” thread


See you in the Twin Peaks thread!


Illegally downloaded that fella as soon as it came out.

You could do the same Japesy. Want me to hook you up?

See you in the Patrick Melrose thread!

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Does your Sky deal not let you access a whole on-demand bit where stuff is streamed from the web on your box like iPlayer, including episodes for current programmes up to 28 days from broadcast date?

I guess maybe it doesn’t if your box does recording so they can charge you more for the extra feature if you failed to record stuff?

Basic Sky packages include access (up to two devices I think) to Sky Go, which is the web catch up service. You get the kids stuff included as standard and more live channels than Now TV but you have to pay extra if you want to use it on a console. Although if you have it on a laptop you can just HDMI that into a TV, so…

This has reminded me that my great Now TV deal (entertainment + movies for a year for £50) will expire in a few months :frowning:

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Hey, no bragging about a better deal than mine.


Alright Theresa May.


This is a no satire thread.

Great deal Balonz, well done.

Hmm. Haven’t tried it recently but it always worked for me. But that was (mostly) when it was web-based rather than app-based, maybe that changed it?

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