Anyone got NowTV? Is it any good? Thinking of ditching Sky to save money but I want to be able to still get Sky Atlantic for Game of Thrones. I’d miss the ability to pause live TV though unless you can do that with Now.

(I’m aware I’m probably very behind the times here. I’ve had Sky for years and never really thought about the alternatives, but with the latest price rises it’s just getting silly.)

just download it all off torrents mate.


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It’s fine. It’s fairly cheap and there’s plenty on there. You can cancel whenevs

I use it though an apple tv and the interface is total poo though.

I have NowTv. I use it on my apple TV or on the smart TV or I think you can get a now TV box.

It’s really good and I’ve used it more than Netflix but then I just go through phases. I’m happy at the moment as NowTV have put all of SATC on there :slight_smile:
But removed Broad City :cry:


Yes[quote=“DaisyFlower, post:1, topic:14543”]
pause live TV can you do that?


Huh, I didn’t realise it worked like Netfix, with whole series of stuff - I thought it was just a way of getting extra channels. Guess I should Google it…

I’d need a box as I don’t have a smart tv. I don’t think my tv even has USB.

Mate, why you still pedalling this shit after I told you

Both boxes are now 1080p.

Not that any resolution wanker would care. They all want 4K now.

Yeah, it’s pretty good. Saved me massively on the sky bill, with hardly any loss of programmes I actually want to watch.

Weirdly, the thing that’s annoying me most about it is you don’t see the pictures move when you’re fast forwarding through a programme, so it’s much harder to know when to stop…


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Oh yeah, and you can get the pausing of live TV if you buy the Smart Box but the cheap box is fine. After all, Game of Thrones appears on the player bit as soon as it is aired in the States so you just watch it from there with no adverts rather than on live TV.

We’ve watched almost all stuff on the watch again block rather than as it airs, TBH.

I don’t even watch the HD version of channels.

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Seems ok.

Using it for a few shows at the moment. I think my half price student discount will run out soon.

Don’t feel good about giving Murdoch money though, obvs.

Then how do you know at all? Do you just have to guess the length of an ad break? Seems odd. But at least you can still do it, that might have been a deal breaker otherwise.

That is so shit. Weirdly it must be a feature of a lot of this newer technology. When BT switched to YouView as their primary source, the same change happened for the TV and film content they provided. Bloody annoying. Why can’t everything be as nice as how Netflix does it?

No Ads!!!

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You have to guess but on the stuff on Sky’s iPlayer copy there are no ads. Just one weird advert for Sky Atlantic in the middle that is nonsensical and lasts about 20 seconds so you don’t bother forwarding.

Basically it’s great. You get all the boxsets of everything and you can watch live stuff if you’re around.

Looking on their website some more, I see it’s £30 per month for tv and internet, which I suspect doesn’t include line rental. And it wouldn’t include the phone calls that I get with my current Sky package. So it might not be quite as good a saving as I thought. Sounds like most people just use it for extra tv and get their phone/internet elsewhere?

Except 4OD.

Fuck you, C4!!!

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