Nu yrz rezzos

You got any?

• run regularly
• get back in the ol’ pull ups routine
• actually do some proper music stuff, not just pissing about one the upstairs room and recording it onto my phone
• move the freelance work closer to the freelance work I want to do (not sure how to do this yet)
• sort out the finances
• make a bit more time for people who are having a shit time
• get my tattoos
• read more, anything really, if I read one book that would be good!

That it’s really! A year of realigning myself after a few disruptive years.


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Stop all the bad habits that make me feel good.

Start loads of good habits that make me feel miserable and sore and even more tired.


Start making proper meal plans and not get takeaways to cheer me up (doesn’t work)


The usual

  • continue to revive the use of ‘swell’ in modern English
  • say no to things without feeling I have to expand on my reasons why
  • wash dishes as I go, not until I run out :see_no_evil:
  • make people around me feel good about themselves
  • befriend a crow/jackdaw

Very achievable and positive aims! :+1::+1::+1:

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Going to stop getting wound up by threads with horrific abbreviations.

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:frowning: I hope you can find a way to make the good habits more fun !

You can have a practice with this thread title if you like

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Big fan of 2 and 4

Hope you make a good bird friend!

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More exercise
Less internet

Holding off on committing to mine until after #seaman2023, because they’ll obviously change after that. Feel like making them public before then is a fools errand.

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Don’t worry, be happy

Stay rude.

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Try not to dick around on the internet as much. Not dicking around at all is obviously unrealistic, doing it less feels achievable (might take a little DiS hiatus to try and aide this, and log out of Twitter again)

Read more books. Was on a good little run before the WC tbf, will try and pick that back up.

Feed a duck every day


Really want to improve my breakfast and lunch game. Cook some nice things in the evenings and thankfully i’m not really a snacker, but still find myself eating naff stuff for lunch. Want to be one of these people who make soup from scratch and eat fruit for breakfast.

gonna try and go off the booze til after the marathon in April. probably last about 3 weeks.

This is one of mine, every single year, However…in 2022 I did actually get a tattoo, my second! Now I believe anything is possible :sunglasses:

My nu yrz rezzos, improve my German and learn some French. Also, go to Germany and France…

Really need to do more stretching/yoga to ease the sciatica

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I was planning on getting the first one in January, but I have to push it back a bit as I’ve committed to small person swimming lessons so…. will have to wait a bit! I am quite late to the tattoo game but actually have a couple of important things I want to fix on me so seems a good time to get stuck in