Nuclear bunker shopping

Into the bunker in Kansas with you


There’s one in york you can go in by appointment (managed by English heritage). In the middle of an estate only a few miles out from the centre. really, really bizarre.

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Vaguely remember seeing something on TV about them finding a bunker under a housing estate in London. Was yet another of Churchill’s secret bunkers they reckon

I read this quite recently

Pretty sure this is one of the sites he visits. It’s a good book, definitely worth a read.

(reading on a bit, this is the same source material as jordan’s link)

if your luxury follows similar rules to the luxury on desert island disks, what would you go for?

I’d go for a massive, fully stocked recording studio if allowed, and if not just a piano.

My parents have got a big second world war concrete air raid shelter in their garden.

When we were growing up we used to use it as a kind of den.

It would likely cause the whole garden to collapse if they broke it up and removed it, so it’s covered with some decking and doubles up as a kind of terrace these days.

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Don’t leave us hanging, we need pictures of this.

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Recording studio is definitely allowed, Thom Yorke chose it.

Who’s in bunker, who’s in bunker?

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You can’t really see much of it now, as it’s covered over. This is the best I can do:

The steps down into it are under that piece of vertical decking.

You can stand up down there - when we moved in it still had the original bunk beds in it.


That’s awesome. The fact that it’s completely obscured by such an ornate garden makes it even better.