Nude beaches



Never been on a nude beach. Don’t think I’d like it tbh, too awkward and self-conscious.


I’ve been on a couple. Never nude (nevernude), but I have been on some nude beaches.



they’re fine


There’s a nude colony near to where I’m living at the moment. Those dudes must really hate clothes.



My evil twin’s lo-fi music project


Where the hell is that?








I’d struggle in that my penis appears somewhat undersized in flaccid form.

I’d worry about that.




Me and the TV once took a walk round a bit of the Greek island of Skiathos and realised we were on a nudist beach. It was a bit out of season though and there only five couples there. Every one of the blokes were bollock naked and every one of the women were fully clothed and wearing a buttoned up cardigan. We didn’t hang around.


Significant shrinkage


Also, if you’re driving to Guildford from Haslemere down the back way through brook, the mansion on the corner Just past brook is a swingers hotel. Like, world renowned, people fly in for the night renowned.


And you know this how…?


Dad is a taxi driver


“dad” “taxi driver”. It’s ok Profk


Went to one near Bilbao recently. Got nude. Felt good. Helped that it wasn’t exclusively old men who were nude, by a long way.