Nudist Beaches

It’s a poll!

  • Absolutely! It’s the only way to truly enjoy the beach!
  • Not for me, but it’s a free world
  • Why would I want sand in my nooks or crannies?
  • Excuse me mate, you’re sitting on my towel…actually, just keep it.

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Far, far too self conscious to attempt anything resembling this


When I (briefly) lived in Broadstairs, my landlady asked me to sign a petition that her friend was circulating, to stop the opening of a local nude beach.

Her stated reason was “because Gary Glitter lives around here”.

Not any more he doesn’t!


being naked at the beach, aye fine.

being surrounded by weird naked old men at the beach, no thank you.

We have nude parks here let alone beaches

Just like being in bed, but itchy and people can see you. Pretty standard tbh.


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But WHY do people want to be nude at the beach?

I’d like everyone ELSE to be nude at the beach. Is that something you can do?

Cost savings to be had from not putting suncream on your bits. Another reason why I’ll pass.

also you’d look weird creaming your piece up.

Me and the TV once took a walk round a bit of the Greek Island of Skiathos and realised we were on a nudist beach. It was a bit out of season though and there only five couples there. Every one of the blokes were bollock naked and every one of the women were fully clothed and wearing a buttoned up cardigan.

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Might need to use an extra high SPF on it. Hard to rub in.

that stuff is so thick I could just wear a dollop as a kind of posing pouch.

EDIT: a MASSIVE dollop


I have been nude at the beach but I was skinny-dipping and it was dark and I was drunk. Skegness didn’t know what hit it that day I can tell you.

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I’d be constantly fretful of getting a hard on

You could tie your windbreak to it

Or use it as a rudimentary sundial

I could you know.

I don’t mind having my mickey out at the beach, I just can’t trust it to behave itself.

Post/username interface…

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