Nudity [Audit]


How you feel about nudity?

  • Nevernude
  • Only when necessary (sexing and medical stuff)
  • Mild, sleeping naked etc
  • Moderate recreational nudity
  • Basically a naturalist*

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^ CIH, etc

*I know


Sleep nude, occasional skinny dip.


you devil!


Nobody wants to see that.


Except all of your mums, obviously.


Sleep nude, am occasionally nude in the transitionary stages of life, wouldn’t dream of anyone other than my partner ever seeing me nude.


ever skinny dipped?

  • Never
  • I did it once or twice when I was young and fun
  • Done it loads mate, basically a pro

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Love being naked but hate when my breasts arent supported


I thought it was a secluded beach! I only noticed the two fishermen in waders after I had been in the water!


Really love skinny dipping. Bombed into the sea in Malaga in the dead of night a couple of years ago thinking the water would be really warm at 2am :grimacing:


I’m not sure I “get” skinny dipping

What’s the deal there


The thrill of possibly getting sand in your genitals.


Being naked in water is quite nice. I think that’s the only explanation I can give.


Often wake up having removed my sleepy comfies in the night at some point


I would like to maybe take my shirt off more. like my hero Phil Elverum in his wild and reckless days as documented in song. not so much like a lad-type person in summer.

please excuse me while I do some core exercises to make this more acceptable.


Went to a nuddy beach in Bilbao last year, thoroughly enjoyed myself.



At home, i’ll dart about in the nuds but I’m not laying on the sofa or anything

Happily get my kit off in the gym changing room in front of people


If other people were up for it I would be happy to be naked a lot more and probably in public. Against the law though isnt it.


It’s really good but we rarely have the conditions for it here. Tried it in a pool at the base of a waterfall. NOPE. My balls shot back inside me so fast I thought I’d done myself an injury.


Did you put sun cream on your penis?