Anyone else get a real sinsiter vibe from this lot?

Send us your blood. We’ll do tests on it free of charge unless we find “anything”.

So how do they fund the tests? Sell your data? Clone you? Or is the gimmick that they’ll always find something to charge you for

And then they’ve got other adverts with this kind of puerile shit.

Reminds me of Dr. Christian and his inability to say penis.

Maybe I’m just Seinfeld in a tinfoil hat

Wayne Knight Laughing GIF

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“Cars” is a banger


punk get GIF


Dong Dong Dong Dong Dong!

No idea what this is but glad Wayne Knight is not dead.

So suspicious of all these “send us your DNA” online services. Ancestry etc


They have been proven in the past to hand over people’s genetic data to the FBI and yet people still send them their DNA willingly


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Baby you can drive my car



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My colleague was telling me that preemptive medicine is a big thing for rich folk now, and that some people fly all over the world begging doctors to tell them they’re ill despite not having any symptoms, etc.

Can kind of see why it might be a good thing, but struggle to get my head around wanting to find stuff. Surely that process could go on forever, and even cause you stress and further illness, idk?