Numbers in tv shows



Inspired by that tv show about New York on BBC which looks like it’s for kids but isn’t.

We’re in the fish market talking to the fish seller, how many fish will you sell tonight?
About 5000

How big is this market?
It’s about 5 football pitches?!?!?!
WOW, gobsmacked.

We’re on a big bridge talking to the truck driver, how many trucks go over this bridge?
WOW, to give you an idea of how big that is, it’s about 1 million cows!!!

These numbers annoy me.


#4 8 15 16 23 42


lottery is just up itself bingo


i have been responsible for some of these


I’d like to talk more about that New York programme though.

The fuck is it all about? Who is the target audience? It’s like they’ve made a film to explain western civilisation to a long-lost tribe or something but have accidentally aired it on the BBC instead. “So you’re telling me these people can order a pizza when they’re hungry and then the pizza restaurant prepares their pizza and delivers it to them? Very interesting”

Fancy the fuck out of Anita Rani though so swings and roundabouts.


says ericthe “fourth”


Please do, this was two mediocre threads combined in the hope that something better might come out of the combination than either single thread.


I just did


One show audience I think.


thought this thread would be about jordan being on tv


there’s something we’d all watch


The theory I expressed to my partner was that they sent them out for a One Show segment and ended up getting way too much footage to edit down so turned it into it’s own show.

She was neither interested or particularly willing to discuss my theory


Sounds like you are ready for marriage.


I know, it’s dead weird. There’s been a few documentaries like that on the BBC recently that seem to be targeted at small children and/or idiots.

Like that thing where Gregg Wallace gets ridiculously excited about the process that turns a potato into a bag of crisps.


when he was in the sweet factory he kept doing this manic laugh at everything, even stuff that wasn’t funny.


it might have put her off going to new york, i know it has done with me


Another one of my observations was that it seemed like it could have been a section from a Why Bird episode of Playdays


It’s something you can always count on though, right? Eh? Eh?