Anyone got one/a pair?

Mine came this morning, and oh my.

Good? I’ve always wondered if it’s a really gimmicky thing or whether it’s revolutionary. Interested to hear what you think!

Really good. I had to pick it up from the post office on the way in to work, so I set it up in Nero. Might set it up again in a quieter space, but it’s already great. Put my normal headphones on to walk to the office and they sound like shit.

Bass is amazing.

Keep being tempted…

I decided to give the subscription a go. There’s no contract so you can just send back if you’re not suitably impressed. I’ll give it a few months and if I’m using them all the time I’ll just buy a pair.

If you recommend a friend they get 10% off, and if I recommend 6 people I get a free pair, so if anyone’s thinking about it let me know and I’ll recommend you.

I set it up again tonight, in a silent room. Then I set my Spotify quality to very high, and listened to 10,000 Days (Wings pt. 2) by Tool.

Holy shit.


This is what I did, figured £14 to trial a £350 pair of headphones for a month was worth a pop.

And yeah. Holy shit. They sound amazing. Took a while to get used to the feel, and they are heavy. But the sound is worth it

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Since I’ve got these I have a new found appreciation for remasters. Especially the really good ones. Used to find them mostly pointless, unless I hated the original mix, but now I’m hearing everything.

Any worthwhile ones out there?

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I absolutely adore mine. I know hardcore audio geeks are funny about them boosting sounds to suit your hearing but at least one hard to please producer I know who didn’t like them at first now loves them.

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These + the MQA version of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots on Tidal = :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

Didn’t like them, the sound boost is nice n all but I didn’t find them comfortable.and I achieved better sound mapping by using Sonarworks True Fi with a a pair of headphones (provided they’re supported)

It does seem like clever marketing but I honestly dont believe the tech is any more advance than an eq geared toward a target eq, like sonarworks, taking into account hearing loss. It’s cool its automated but I personally believe getting software like True Fi and spending the cash on headphones with better drivers and comfort is where its at (whilst achieving the same results) as someone who listens to headphones a lot as I’m in a house share I need my headphones to be light and able to breath and when I’m out and about I need noise cancelling and smaller headphones

I thought they sounded worse than other headphones in the price range on a technical level, assuming the bulk of the money went in the ‘tech’ rather than the drivers. The highs didn’t sound as crisp or detailed and the timing if the bass felt slightly off. They sound good n all but not for me Clive. I’d rather have a comfortable pair of cans which eq well but I’m well aware that I’m not the target audience for these headphones. I’m happy that people are being exposed to age based eqing as its bloody great!

Yeah, i found this as well. The sound boost is fine, and great when listening to the bug, but not so much when listening to Elliott Smith. The clarity of them is no better than headphones that are less than half the price.

Also, be wary of getting the subscription package. If you don’t like then there is no free returns and you’ve to send them back to the Netherlands. So with posting those back. just trying the nuraphones cost me about £70 for a few days usage. Roasted.

@anon73286315 what headphones would you recommend ?

Use case? Home listening and portable are 2 different beasties.

I recommend Sony WH1000x3 Noise Cancelling myself as a portable pair. The home ones I’m rocking are Sennheiser HD800 but are strictly home only due to the size, value and open backed nature (also I can never recommend them because of the price unless you’re looking to spend that much!)

I’ve been thinking of going for those Sony’s as I’ve heard nothing but good things really. Are they suitable for the gym? Mindful of sweating over them and ruining them quite quickly. Think that would be my price range too.

Yeah, home listening is usually OK for me as I’ve a sound system but i’m moving to a different continent soon so will leave my soundsystem behind so may look for something like those Sennheiser’s that as i’ll probably be back into a house share. But will leave that kind of purchase to when finances are a bit less funneled towards moving away.

They aren’t terrible, being closed back they get warm though. I would never recommend over ears or on ears for workouts. Probably better of buying decent buds at that point as you dont need high fidelity whilst working out really as you aren’t likely to be paying close enough attention to the music and your body will be making noise that’ll interfere with clarity

Are these the headphones with the weird penises inside the cups?


Just to say I contacted them to ask about cancelling, and they let me make a final £20 payment to keep them for good.

We have some top shit monitors at work and these wipe the floor with them. Still love them. Would recommend. The remastered OK Computer is unbelievable.

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