Nutribullets etc - which one for my daughter

My 17 year old daughter has asked for a Nutribullet type thing for her birthday - she wants to take it to uni with her

So should I get the “standard” 600 series one or get the “Pro” 900 series - or is there something better out there?

Looks like there’s only like £20 difference, probably just go for the better one.

The one with carbon blades

If only @anon29812515 were here…

I bought this one recently for my bf. I toyed with the idea of getting the 900w one but I’ve been using my housemates 600w one and it’s so powerful that I don’t think that extra speed would really be necessary?

Also don’t get a knock off or another one. They’re shit. This one is the best and its insanely easy to use and clean.

cool - I think I might go 900 anyway, just cos this is for her 18th and she is rubbish at thinking of things she wants.

Put my mark on one of the display models once, somewhere there’s a Nutribullet with my name on it.

Oh yeah go for 900 then!

The only thing is the accessories thing doesn’t really have like a travel cup? Like it has one with a handle you can put on and a lid but you can’t like just sip from it if that makes sense? You have to take the whole lid off.
So if you’re looking for something else as well, you can get her a nice travel thing? i like these as they’re super cute and they keep it cold for ages and they also do hot drinks if she likes that too

ooh copper. The kids love copper.

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ooo very nice - yes that’s a great idea. Means she can take her smoothie with her to lectures etc.


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Didn’t realise it until literally now but I do like copper coloured things

Sounds like a rubbish deal, I’d keep the daughter.

This only works if you only read the thread title - I’m sorry.


I don’t think you need the travel cup, although it does look cool.

I was convinced ours would be gathering dust after a few months, but we still use it loads (2 years later). Not just for smoothies - salsas, humus, baby food, all sorts of stuff.

I really hope my daughter won’t be using hers for making baby food toooo soon

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Yeah I use ours a lot to make pesto

Smoothies all day errday.


My usual is

Mixed frozen berries
Almond milk
Dash of apple juice
Top up w/ water

Optional extra: strawberry mini milk

Need to get on balonz’s flax seed bullshit

thanks everyone - I’ve ordered the 900. Feel free to continue to chat smoothie recipes in my thread