Nutribullets etc - which one for my daughter

will be tossed to the back of the cupboard within a week, like all other nutribullets.

get her a scaletrix set instead.

Get the one that doesn’t have worrying stories of explosions and burning users attached to it.

hmmm - that’s exactly what I ordered

Sounds like it’s fine as long as it’s not used for hot things, or left on continuously

she only wants to make smoothies

Yeah it’s still a bit unproven AFAIK too. Maybe that’s because there’s a legal case on? Anything can go wrong after all. I mean TVs explode too but they’re not a zeitgeist thing so there are no column inches in it.

nah m8

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I just do banana, strawbs, rasps, water and a teaspoon of chia seeds
so yum