NY Resolution Update Thread

Just over two weeks into the new year - how are your resolutions holding up?

Have you remained dry or meat free? Have you begun to chip away at that mileage target by pedal or by foot? Are you actually managing to improve your work/life balance?

Although I didn’t make any overt resolutions, I did think the New Year was a good time to try and become more active. That starts in about 3 and a half hours, going to had over to some nearby lakes at lunchtime and begin the Couch to 5k thing. Targeting the local Bushey 10k in July to keep me interested.

Slight worry about the durability of my ankles - left one in particular. We’ll see though.

Make me feel better / worse about myself when things unravel in approximately 4 hours time.

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going pretty well so far

  • kept up couch to 5k
  • meditating pretty much every day
  • drinking less coffee
  • eating healthier breakfasts
  • cut down on booze

feeling a lot better for it too :+1:


Great work, man.

I’m eating more healthily - and less - as well (except for Saturday which ended in double figures beer and three burger disaster), and really feeling the benefit from that.

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My main one was to remember all family birthdays and call my sister more. Her daughter turned 1 on the 10th and I still haven’t called and didn’t send a card or anything :grimacing: the kid can’t speak yet though and I gave her a nice Christmas present so I’m gonna give myself a break on that one.

Been going to the gym twice a week though and keeping up the yoga/pilates so doing OK on that front, although I tried doing a shoulder stand at yoga class yesterday and literally went arse over tit.

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A shoulder stand?! Sounds very difficult to me. Where on earth do you put your head?

Turns out I’ve had a chest infection since xmas or something. That wasn’t one of my resolutions

Unfollowed 15 Twitter accounts, 466 still to go.


Nah it looks/sounds impressive but it’s not too difficult for beginners. I managed to do it but getting my legs down needed more core strength than I have and I ended up with my legs splayed out over my head and getting suffocated by my chest

Oof… Feels a LONG way beyond my capability!

Going pretty well.

Wanted to keep up with my reading, exercise 3 times a week and generally be a bit healthier. I’ve, erm, set up a spreadsheet to track all this and I’m currently meeting my goals to exercise 3 times a week and spend at least 5 hours a week reading books.

Set a new goal last week to drink fewer than 14 units alcohol per week, which are, of course, also going into the spreadsheet (week 1: 16.8 units, week 2: 7.2). Absolutely no doubt that I’ll go over that plenty this year.

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Spreadsheet is a good way forward. All of this kind of thing I track by spreadsheet. It’s quite a good way of tracking progress and not having to rely on writing things down in a diary or something. Also, given a nerdy love of percentages, stats and whatnot, I also find them pretty motivating as well to track improvements.

What did you have down to do in the New Year, Bammers?

  1. Be more social

Have nailed it so far, haven’t had two nights in a row where I’ve stayed in the house, which is a minor miracle. Early days though.

Not sure why I numbered it, that was my only resolution.


I wanted to drink more water and the other night i drank some from the tap before bed so I’m getting there slowly.


get thinner, get up earlier every day and set up an etsy thing, so far I’ve done none of it. Same old me

Top progress, man.

This is something else I’m trying to nail - things like work drinks, DiS socials likely to be the way forward as other people I know on a social basis are all busy with families and stuff.

All about slow steps… any progress is good progress.

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Oh man, if you can get the etsy thing done you would be in so much demand!

But, I know how difficult it can be to find the motivations / urge to crack on with shit like this. (Not that it’s shit, you understand, just speaking coloquially).

Most of the time I enjoy it when I actually do go out, it’s just actually doing it that’s the problem. Just need to remind myself constantly that in years to come I’m not going to be glad that I spent my 20s and 30s indoors, alone.

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