NY Resolution Update Thread

well I mean I can’t get up before 10am at the moment

Nice work! Feeling the benefit is such a buzz isn’t it?

Would love to cut bread out of my diet… but that would be an intense struggle of the highest magnitude.


Didn’t really make any resolutions, but wanted to ride my bike more, drink less alcohol, drink more water and lose a bit of the spare tyre round my waist.

Currently not touched my bike so far this year, only had 3 alcohol free days and a massive binge on Saturday and not really made any in roads into drinking more water

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My plan was to cook one new thing a week for R. Week one I did four things, week two it was two, week three nothing so far :upside_down_face:

By my counting that puts you 4 weeks ahead!

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Still well in credit, FL!

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So easy to do too. Just open up a an app on my phone and plug values in.

Will be interesting to see if I can spot any trends. :slight_smile:

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  • Managing to snack a lot less (although I might go buy a packet of squares in a minute)
  • Drinking less Pepsi Max/Coke, although not completely cut it out
  • Not cooking from fresh again very often yet, but mitigated by buying a few M&S misery meals to at least cut down the takeaways.
  • Not back to daily runs outside yet, but been on the treadmill 6 or 7 times so far.

Nice work, bro! (Legitimate use of the word there!)

The snacking is a big move - I’ve managed to do the same so far. Equally, I know there will be times in the coming months where I’m going to gorge like a fucking Titan.

How has the treadmill been going?

Again, any step forward is progress :slight_smile:

Haven’t actually put the details into my log yet, but between 2-3 miles each time, and it’s reinforced my utter hatred of those satanic devices. Cannot fathom why someone would go to the gym to run.

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thanks man that’s very kind of you to say :slight_smile:

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Can’t watch Sky Sports News when you’re running in the park.

I loved running outside but I haven’t been able to do it since knackering my knee, I do prefer the treadmill for some reasons though

  • Cold outside at the mo
  • Treadmill is softer than the pavement. good for my knees
  • Prefer to look red and sweaty in a room of other red, sweaty people than out on the street
  • It’s also better for my self-confidence if I think everyone around me is just there to exercise and won’t laugh at the fat girl getting out of breath
  • Several women have been attacked while out running in my area, no chance of me running outside around here in the evening
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Another tick in the box for running outside!

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Fair play - the last one especially. I do get people wanting to do stuff indoor in bad weather and at night too, it’s more the general principle really :slight_smile:

Just didded my first bit of concerted exercise in about 6 months, first run in must be at least 4 and a half years at least. Perhaps longer.

Felt good. The podcast paced things really well and I was just beginning to properly puff at the end of my final running stint. Nice little burn in my thighs now (oo-er!), ankle a little sore but held up pretty well in the trainers.

Same time (or maybe a little earlier) on Thursday!

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I am trying to not count any extras towards future weeks so it doesn’t make me lazy, but I might use them to help me not beat myself up if I have a bad week.

Just realised that we had some spinach earlier and that sort of counts under my rules as a reintroduced food. Might try do some breakfast pancakes one day too though :+1:


Still not had anything to drink this year. I think drinking is the thing that has the single most negative effect on my MH and general wellbeing. Hoping to stick with this as long as possible.

Gone out and done a bunch of running. Feeling pretty good about it and hoping the weight lost from not drinking will mean I can get faster :running_man:

Wanted to read more but that’s not going very well.


no coffee all year? :scream:

oh thank god

i actually refrained from buying one t’other day. first for eveything i suppose :muscle:

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