NYE: day


Up to much today? I was gonna go for a bike ride but I’m still in bed, whoops. Gonna get up in a second and make some coffee with my new COFFEE GRINDER I think,and maybe then head out? Someone please tell me to stop being lazy.

Morning! Been up since 6.30 to get to a 10 mile race in the sticks where my parents live. I only just made the train after I had to wait for over 20 minutes (!) for a central line tube.

After that, no idea. My girlfriend is on call tonight, so we’ll probably have a quiet one, falling asleep on the sofa by 11, no doubt.

What grinder you got?

I’ve gonna sit around all morning so not in the best place to call you lazy tbh.

good morn. not doing anything today really.

might go buy some clothes if I cba


It’s my wife’s birthday today. We’re going to the Hawksmoor in Borough Market for a Sunday roast then will probably have a couple of drinks before heading home just as people start coming in to London for the NYE celebrations. Should be a nice day.

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(Wilfa Svart, it’s great)


That looks like its come from the future. :ok_hand:

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I’m going back to Glasgow today. Not sure if we’ve worn out welcome with my parents but I am fully ready to be back at home.

Just a short meeting with friends and a three hour drive before I can be back in my flat…

Looks cool as fuck

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Gonna do absolutely nowt today and tonight. Doubt i’ll even stay up til midnight if i’m honest.

Gunna go for a bike ride then have my last meat based meal for a month, then go do a big veggie shop, then going to a pals, the tramshed then meersbrook park tonight.

Was gonna bike, weather is crap. Still in bed. No idea what to have for dinner tonight. Really fancy pie and mash but who knows.

Wind and rain here but fuck it I’m going out :muscle:


Watching that feud: Bette and Joan that was on BBC before Christmas. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon

So so good

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Saw the trailer for it and reckoned it looked good. Totally missed it when it was aired

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Morning morning

In bed with tea feeling rubbish with cold

Yeah I watched it on iPlayer spread out over a couple of nights. Although I did save the last episode back for a bit as I didn’t want to finish it too soon

Cat feeding duties at my neighbours, and might stay and play with him for a bit. I feel really sorry for him,they don’t really seem to care about him very much and they don’t leave water out for him, ever. There’s not even an empty water bowl. He peed inside once and it was so yellow and dehydrated looking :confused: He’s lost loads of weight and I just want to keep him and make him a happy kitty.

I had my sandwich in bed… now I’m at a loss