NYE: day

Gonna have a shower, do some work(!) then prepare to get wasted (no dignity in not getting wasted tonight btw guys)


I have my traditional post-flight cold, so I’m probably going to have a quiet one. Might order a pizza. Have a wank. Watch some Black Mirror. Play some South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Sounds lovely actually.

Merry New Year, one and all.


Take him home :disappointed:


Morning! Just ran up and then back down a big hill:

Need to finish stripping wallpaper off the bathroom, it’s taking ages :tired_face: Then probably just going to play Mario for the rest of the day.


Feel a tiny bit hungover from a tiny bit of buckfast. Scottish food has sorted me out though I think. Should probably get dressed but would rather not


Gonna finish moving house and then have a chilled NYE evening with the in-laws. Aching big time from lugging furniture around yesterday.

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My legs hurt for some reason.

Maybe they used to but he never drank the water? We don’t always leave water out for our cat because she literally never touches it. When she used to have more dry food she would occasionally hang around the tap and drink a bit of water if you put some in a dish for her but never out of her bowl. Now she has cat food pouches she never really drinks at all, maybe out of a puddle once in a while

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Our house has a motherfucking laundry chute over two floors from bedroom to basement. Just used it for the first time and it’s the best thing ever.


Morning, going to see Jumanji 2 in a bit.


Think you’re taking this climbing practice setup a bit too far


Amazing, you could install climbing holds in it!

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Yeah mine are the same - I always have water out but I have literally never seen them drink it

Gonna pretend to myself I’m going to do any of the things on this list. Just gonna eat pistachios and drink silly coffees today though probably

Just had coffee

Not really sure what I’m doing today - might be going out for a walk, might not. Might be going out, might not though

Morning all. At Tebay, was gonna have a breakfast but not at £10. There are people eating fish and chips at 10:30 :open_mouth:. Gonna go gaze at things I’ll never buy in the shop.


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Morning all. Found out that my grand aunt Maureen passed away in the small hours of the morning. Cried a lot at the news as we were very close. Can’t imagine how Mam and Dad are feeling right now. Crying again as I type that actually.

Might just play FFVII all day. Need a bit of comfort.

very sorry to hear that! My thoughts are with you and your family, terrible news for the new year but you will all get through together x


Really enjoyed it. D’TR’J is so ruddy bloody watchable.

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