NYE dayshift

Last day of 2018 then. Apparently I’m off to work? Should be finishing early. No plans tonight. Might pub, might go up the hill for a good view of fireworks? Dunno.

Tell me things.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

We were planning on taking Jimbo down to the early fireworks at 9pm, but he didn’t nap, so he’ll be asleep by then, also we just got caught in a massive thunderstorm / torrential downpour and the forecast is rain on and off for the rest of the day, so we’ll stay in and get pissed instead.

I’m working 9 to 12:30, the office should be completely dead. I hope.

When I get back I might stick on my headphones and go for a walk in the countryside. I’ve done no excersise for weeks nor had much time to myself. Then I might finally make some bread.

Tonight will just be playing a new board game while drinking beer and watching the fireworks.

Mum got a iPhone for Christmas so I’m expecting a drunken facetime call from her.

Morning Pniks

Yep, I’m in work. I’ve taken my new bike on the train and am getting off a stop early to give it a bit of a run.

Might make Ottolenghi lamb meatballs for dinner tonight.

Very nice.

B’twin owner club 4 lyf :v:


Oh morning, also working until 3 today. Should be a hanging out day but have somehow found myself with a diary full of meetings. Whoops.

Morning. Stayed up late watching NFL. Tired now. Going to godalming later for a quiet Nye at a mates. Might get a wanker coffee in a bit and a mooch around town.

Working. Maybe finish early.

Not working. Car wash. Gym. Drop kids off with in-laws, then shopping and tea with the missus

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S’up friends.

Got a golf semi final tie later today.

Tonight I’ll be doing something special for New year…staying up until 10:30pm instead of 10pm then going to sleep.

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Morning all. At work. Just me and my manager’s manager’s manager.

There’s nine levels of management between me and the CEO.

Well, I’ve just posted on DiS so it’s probably about 30% inverted commas

I’d have thought that anyone off isn’t posting, I’d have thought wrong

It’s really nice! It’s only entry-level but it’s very zippy.

Work. Probably be a busy one again, loads of holidaymakers around and that. Going straight from work to (apparently controversially) collect our traditional NYE Chinese then home for that, more King Of The Hill and very little else seeing as how I’m working tomorrow as well.


okay so my halloumi cakes are firming up nicely in the fridge, i just need to kill this shift stone dead and then i am freeee by 2.30pm. anyone got any fun websites or stuff i could check out? kindle book deals? (i have my kindle with me)

very good funkhouser, what do you get when you order chinese? place near me has a great egg fried rice game

Probably going to eat cheese all day