NYE - Plans, Fans? Etc


So, NYE is nearly upon us. Are you guys fans or not? Do you like to go out and partayyy hard, or stay in and play board games? Are you comfortable in the company of others or do you yearn for solitude and an early night?

What plans do you have this year?

Personally, my last half tolerable NYE was about three years ago when I met an ATD at the local for four or five pints until about 11 at which point we headed home before midnight.

Since then, they’ve been spent playing scrabble and rummikub with my folks and a couple of their friends until 11:55… I really appreciate them going out of their way to make me feel welcome and for me to not be alone but I still find it largely very hard work.

Not sure what I’m going to do this year. Fancy being on my own and watching stuff, ignoring the broo-haha at midnight and slipping quietly to sleep.

I’m sure you’re not all as curmudjohnly as I - so, come on. Plans plans plans!

Stay home, playing board games and drinking beer.

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The fact we’re back to work on the 2nd means we can’t really be bothered this year. Nice meal and a film probs.

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And generally I quite like NYE. Had a succession of bad ones in my early 20s but they’ve improved as time’s gone on. Last year we went to a party on the 31st and then properly out on the 1st, which was awesome.

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Dont think I have ever had a memorable NYE

Either going pub or going to the gig my friend is organising.


Usually we’ll cook for our friends and stay up playing board games and having a few drinks. I just feel too tired to do that this year - had a stupidly busy 2017 and need to unwind a bit.

I’m just going to cook a nice meal for Mrs CCB, maybe watch a film afterwards. 70% chance that we’ll be asleep before midnight.


Yeah this, it doesn’t make sense going out on NYE and having to be back in work on 2nd. We’re going clubbing on 30th instead and having a quiet one on 31st.

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A couple of weeks ago a few people, myself included, all made vague offers to host New Years - but nothing’s been said since. Will most likely be food, drinks and party games then head home around 2am. If it ends up being a night out in town I’ll stay home by myself instead.

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My then TV and I did this about 15 years ago when our friends were dead set on going to a club that they’d never normally have inhabited at any other time - paying £25 for the privilege and £4 a drink… Felt like an absurd decision. We met them for a drink and headed home at about 9 to watch something on telly.

Couple of things I’m not 100% sure on what I’ll be doing. Flatmates are DJ’ing up at New River, but there’s a good looking rave down in Peckham (you plonker)… and there’s a cool looking thing at the DIY space.
Essentially I just don’t want to be travelling across London all night.

What are you thinking of cooking? This sounds pretty lovely.

This sounds pretty much like my ideal kind of thing.

Low-key, with good people, yet still fun and with controlled substances available.

Hope things go well this year with the extra bod, dude.

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I’m not sure yet! I’ve got some new cookbooks that I’ve not used yet (Jerusalem and Hibiscus) but I think I might play it safe and do Thai or Malaysian.

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I ended up at a gallery party in Peckham when I was over. Proper laugh. Ended up falling out of there at half six in the morning.

NYE was never a big thing for me until I met this gang of friends. Had a really bad NYE in 2012 so have spent every one since hanging with my mates and getting wrecked to exorcise the demons.

Previous iterations have involved a party on a cattle farm outside Cork, taking over a local café for an NYE DJ night and also your standard gigantic house party with about forty or fifty people in one tiny gaff.

This year will involve either celebrating midnight at my house and going to the house party, or going to town for midnight, followed by the house party. I’m easy with either, all I know is I want to greet the dawn on my own, ready for the New Year.

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Ideal NYE:

  • Go see the fireworks
  • Clubnight
  • Pub
  • Houseparty
  • Few pals and/or family get together
  • Ignore the whole thing

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Is this self-explanatory?


all of the above bar the fireworks, really