NYE Plans

Probably just stay in watch Jools’ Hootenany. Hope Paloma Faith is on it this year!


Going to hope I get to sleep before the fireworks start to avoid sensory overload :partying_face:

It’s also my favourite topping on “Baked Potato” (as readers may remember)

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Hoping to be in Australia, though that’s fading somewhat. Turns out going to Oz at peak time is expensive, rude tbh.

kermit shaving part?!


TV likes having parties so will invite everyone round to ours, then she will get annoyed at me for not inviting anyone :expressionless:


if this really is your plan then can i join you and we can at least have a party of two x

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Kermit shaving a part Y


susanalbumparty - the return


kermitwormit’s having a party
bring your vol-au-vents and your charlie

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What’s your dream new year?

Or your New Years’ dream

Will probably be in Spain! With my parents and possibly one or both siblings. We haven’t had a NYE together in many a year, but might be nice.

do you think there’s someone out there that goes by the name ‘DJ airhorn’ ?

fucking great name tbqf

probably sitting at home alone and feeling resentful towards all the people who have things to do but complain that they would rather be home alone

I come on as a sub for United and score a last-minute winner against Liverpool in front of the Kop that relegates them and confirms us as champions and then Anita Rani does the post-match interview with me and I really charm her.


I actually do know what I’m doing! My friend is getting married that day and my wife and I are making a band to play the reception. We are called the Dry Roasted Prenups